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Hey guys! I really wanted to present a new online store for you to do your cosmetics shopping and I found the perfect one! There are some series of posts with products produced by Greek companies that I am thrilled to present you in the next posts and I will have the opportunity to suggest you some brands that make me proud of being Greek! I have to admit that everyone was expecting  a downfall in the Greek business due to the economic crisis but I am so excited that in the contrary the opposite is happening and many Greek business have come into the limelight by first raws for the products of their cosmetics from all over Greece. Messinian Spa is my first experience in beauty products, which is a Greek brand that belongs to the OPEN COSMETICS  a Greek manufacturing company situated in the industrial zone of Ano Liosia area, in Athens, which is committed to producing professional, natural, innovative, everyday and specialized, high quality cosmetics.

So, I got some products from Messinian spa, one product for my hair, the messinian spa hair mask with organic olive oil, pomegarnate & oil and two products for my face care, including the messinian spa 24 Hours Moisturizing Face cream and the Eye cream with organic olive oil. As far as the Hair mask is concerned, initially the packaging is really cool and girly. I love this baby pink color in combination with the brown details that remind me something organic and natural. The Messinian spa hair mask with organic olive oil, pomegrante & oil, is a Hair Mask with PDO extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata (a city locate in Greece, known for its olive oil), with pomegranate extract and laurel oil, wheat and honey proteins, aloe, vitamin complex and vitamin E microspheres, for deep hydration, nourishment, protection, invigoration and revitalization of hair shaft. Detangles and provides elasticity, shine and protection from split ends. All these ingrendients give an extraspecially nice smell to the hair mask, literally guys you CAN NOT imagine how amazing does this mask smell, the scent is so unique, it smells like a perfume and the best part of that is that the smell stay at your hair even after you dry them. I love the organic products and all these vitamins make me feel like I have done the best for my hair! This mask has also the same shower gel and shampoo with pomegrante and honey, which is my favorite scent combination and after a shower with this creamy foam, believe me you will be sooooo relaxed guys!!!!!


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