Fall 2012 Best Hairstyles+Giveaway winner

hello lovelies:)
This is my last post because I will go on Sunday holiiidaaaayyss so I have to prepare my clothes and all the other things,I really haven’t done anythiiing yet:/
So,I was looking for new hairstyles because I want to change my hair and I am searching these days the new hairstyles for this Fall and I am so excited because I really love all those trends:) so many and so different from all the others,that’s really amazing:)Hope you like them too and I am waiting to tell me your favoriiites:)
Check them out aaaannd I hope you will have good time until 21/8 that we’ll talk agaiiin:)

Did you like these hairstyles?
The winner of Steve Madden flats iiiisss :
Maria Paraskeyopoulou—>Maria(AvonGirl)
Congraaatsss sweetie:)

31 responses to “Fall 2012 Best Hairstyles+Giveaway winner”

  1. Cravingforbarneys

    Love the pony tail!


  2. Georgia Zemou

    Molis twra eida to comment sou sto blog m! Polu wraio blog! Kales diakopes tha euxithw! Sou kanw follow sto GFC k to Bloglovin! :) Elpizw kai esi to idio! :)



  3. Claire D. T

    Τα πιο απλά μου άρεσαν απίστευτα :)

  4. Taelia

    Ψηφίζω, μακριά ανέμελα, κυματιστά, όχι στημένα, μαλλιά!! χαχα!
    Καλά να περάσεις στις διακοπές σου!! Καλή ξεκούραση!!

  5. ????? (BeautyGirl)

    Μου αρέσουν κι εμένα τα απλά, ανέμελα μαλλιά! Αυτές οι πλεξούδες όμως μου θυμίζουν όταν ήμουν μικρό κοριτσάκι και έφτιαχνα έτσι τα μαλλιάκια μου!

  6. ????? ?.

    Α, σ’ ευχαριστώ (για μια ακόμη φορά)!!!

    1. V?c?yBeL

      xairomai polu pou ta kerdises koritsi m!!
      filakia polla kai kala na pernas:)


    nice post! following you hope you follow back dear. :)

  8. ? Cassandra (Backtofive)
  9. Megan, TfDiaries.com

    I’d so wear all!
    Xo Megan

  10. Nora Aradi
  11. borka gamero

    Great post doll! I am preparing a tittle for the contest in your blog :)Thank you for visiting my blog! It means the world to me! following you now on GC and Bloglovin! Have a fashionable and beautiful week… lets stay connected!Please follow back :)

  12. Audrey Allure

    Loving the braids!

  13. LinasStyle

    Wow, those are some amazing hairstyles!! Great post!!


  14. Nameless Fashion Blog

    Nice blog… Wanna follow each other dear?

  15. Hope Adela Pasztor

    I wish my hair was that long! =)


  16. Sofia

    love them all!

  17. FashionCrush
  18. Mery

    New follower..
    Adorable blog…

  19. I V Y
  20. A stylish distraction

    Happy holidays! Have a great time!! Great hair pics, so inspirational! Love them!

  21. Eugènie's closet

    wow they are all beautiful! I prefer the braid, very chic! good weekend!Kisses:***


  22. Kate L.



  23. Froso M.

    Oi protaseis sou einai panta yperoxes kai prwtotypes!

    Style Nirvana

  24. Fashion Is My Drug

    Voting for ponytail!
    Have fun at holidays!


  25. ? Cassandra (Backtofive)

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  26. Margaret Cruzemark

    Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  27. Karolina B-H

    love it, I wish I could straight that well my curls ;)

  28. A Step In Fashion

    the second hairstyle is GORGEOUS !!!

    I follow you <3


  29. kakang kokong

    nice & cool, love it…mobil sedan corolla

  30. kakang kokong

    nice & cool, love it…mobil sedan corolla

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