Hello dolls!
Hope you are all well!Exams are over and it is time for some rest and of course some shopping!I am now a little bit tired cause I was all day at the mall shopping clothes for the FALL!But shopping always give me happiness and I forget imidiately the tiredness of the day!I really love all things I bought and I can’t wait to show you everything!I went shopping at ZARA,Pull&Bear,Tally Weil,H&M and Bershka!I found very good items and very good prices too!I think that it was the first time that I bought things that I really need and I will totally wear this Winter!These clothes will keep me warm but stylish too!I have done some serious online shopping to complete my wishlist and  I will present it in another post,so….Enjoooyyy!!

 Bershka Jean

                                                   ZARA & H&M SWEATER

Tally Weijl Dress
Pull&Bear Jean Shirt
Pull&Bear Shirt
ZARA t-shirt
I think that those pieces are some of  the basics for the Fall and I can wear them with many combinations!

What is your opinion?Did you like my new clothes?

23 responses to “NEW IN”

  1. Cravingforbarneys

    Lucky girl! Love all your new stuff!

  2. Lili Matic

    Great shopping ! Your jeans are gorgeous ! Love them :*

  3. onlyforfashionvictim

    I like shopping, and for me is a therapy too! I want your jeans: they are very gorgeous!

  4. Nails Art Design Greece

    Όλα είναι υπέροχα μεγειά σου.

  5. Ofure O.

    I love that zara tshirt..:)

  6. Claire D. T

    Με γεια σου!! Είναι πολύ όμορφα όλα τους :)
    Ετοιμάζο και εγώ ένα μίνι ποστ με κάποιες αγορές που έκανα.. Θα το δεις σε λίγες μέρες!
    Πολλά φιλιά :)

  7. Sabrina

    Absolutely fantastic picks! I’m really digging that gorgeous dress and denim shirt–it only reminds me of how much I want to go shopping for some new fall/winter pieces myself. :)

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA,

  8. theblossomgirls

    me geia! :)

    The Blossom Girls♡

  9. elena?elenas finds?

    Με γειά σου όλα να τα χαρείς!!! Love your jean!!! ;o))XXX

  10. ????? ?. (BeautyGirl)

    Βίκυ μου μεγειά σου! Να τα χαρείς όλο το Φθινόπωρο & τον Χειμώνα!Μου άρεσαν ΟΛΑ! Πολύ καλές επιλογές!

  11. blackberryfashion

    Amazing dress <3 I’m following you now :)

  12. ELISA
  13. Marissa

    I love those cable knit sweaters! They look so cozy. :)

  14. Maria

    Το τζιν παντελόνι με τα τρουκς φανταστικό!!!!! Με γεια σου και καλοφόρετα!!!!!

  15. Tina Pippo

    Με γεια!! Καλοφόρετα όλα!!! Το τζιν ξεχώρισα! Τέλειο!!
    Καλή σου ημέρα! Καλό σ/κο!!!! Φιλιά!

  16. evonita

    με γεια!!! πολύ ωραίες επιλογές, μου άρεσε πολύ τζιν, πουκάμισα και φόρεμα!!! καλοφόρετα! φιλάκια!

  17. Rea Papathanasiou

    sounds very refreshing!!! xx

  18. Beauty Follower

    Το τζιν ειναι σουπερ!

  19. An. ni

    αχ τι ωραια πουλοβερακια!ωραια και ζεστααααα:Ρ
    απο δευτερα παω μαγαζια και εισαι υπευθυνη!:Ρ haha

    1. V?c?yBeL

      xaxa ase ase kai egw den antexw an den pswnizw:)kales agories pantws:)

  20. greenpinkorange

    Oh, I love this kind of therapie!


  21. Aleksa Klassen

    Like your sweaters))green is great)
    love your blog)
    Wanna follow each other? if you want

  22. Elenh Ts

    i love the sweaters!!:)perfect colours for this season!

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