New In: Studded Biker boots

Hello lovelies
As I was saying lately ,I made a wishlist with a products that I wanna buy for this Fall!So you know that everything that it has studs on it is something that I really love!So I was searching so many days on internet for affordable studded biker boots and I didn’t find something that I really like!So yesterday opened a new fashion store in Thessaloniki and I visited!The products are reaaaallyy stunning,everything in the shop is so stylish and fashionable!The good thing is that she has only some pieces for each product so it is impossible to see your clothes or shoes to someone else:)The shop is “Brigitt Boutique” and you should totally visit it if you are living in Thessaloniki!!!
and these are my new purchases….

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????? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ????????? 65 ????!???? ??????????? ?? ????? ?? ????? ??? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ????? ??? ??????????! yayyy!!
So these are my new loves and they cost only 65 euros!They are leather too and I think that they are very affordable too!

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46 responses to “New In: Studded Biker boots”

  1. Cravingforbarneys

    OMG your’re so lucky! Love your new shoes!

  2. Daisy Nguyen

    OMG – LOVE these boots!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  3. Lucija



  4. Antonella Leone

    love those shoes <3

  5. Taelia

    Με γεια τα καινούρια σου μποτάκια!! Καλοφόρετα να είναι!!
    Καλό μήνα να έχεις!!

  6. sophia -stacy

    Kla einai fantastika kai pragmatika poly ftina!!!! Kaloforeta!!

  7. Glyko Paramithenia

    Καλό μήνα!!! Καλοφόρετα, είναι τέλεια!

  8. caramellitsa

    καλο φθινοπωρο κουκλα μου!! τελεια τα μποτακια μπορεις να τα συνδυασεις με τοσα πολλα!!
    πολυ καλη αγορα!

  9. ????? ?. (BeautyGirl)

    Με γειά! Καλοφόρετα! Και πολύ καλά έκανες που τα πήρες!

  10. ????? ?. (BeautyGirl)

    Με γεια! Καλοφόρετα! Και καλά έκανες που τα πήρες!

  11. The Latest Fashion

    yes I follow you :) thanks for comment :)

  12. Margaret Cruzemark

    This is freaking awesome.
    Thanks so so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
    Sending love and peace.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. no.

    oh my God sooo amazing *__*
    thanks for your comment dear!
    yes, i totally follow you and i hope you can do the same :)
    i wait you in my blog

  14. Elle Johns

    Cool boots! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you’ll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo 

  15. circleofchaos

    Thanks,for your lovely comment on my blog.^^
    Of course we can follow each other on bloglovin.
    Do you start with the follow???

  16. FashionSugarBubbles
  17. Girlinblond

    They are great!! :) I’m following Your blog :)

  18. -Awi-

    very nice boots,great for cold days :)

  19. Iwanna J.A

    Me geia sou!!! To blog sou einai polu wraio! Ta dermatina einai panta polu wraia alla kapoies fores oi times tous einai e3wpragmatikes!!! Auto to magazi apo opou ta phres akougetai polu endiaferon!!!
    Pou akrivos vrisketai sthn 8essaloniki?

    1. V?c?yBeL

      einai kainoyrgio kai einai sti Mitropolews,apenanti akrubws apo ti Mitropoli.tha breis sigoyra kati pou tha sou aresei,eimai sigoyri!


  21. Itzy Macbeth

    Omg! i love your blog, thanks for comment my blog,following :)


  22. Marta

    Oh they’re GORGEOUS!

  23. Zahra Sandberg

    Hi there! Thanks for introducing me to your blog! I am following you now!


  24. Kimberly

    I LOVE your blog, girl… You have such an amazing layout here.. I really love your boots.. this pick is amazing =D

    I’m your newest follower via google (#498) I really hope you’ll check out my blog and maybe follow as well??


  25. evonita

    πολύ όμορφα μποτάκια!! με γεια και καλοφόρετα!!! πολύ καλή επιλογή!!!

  26. Katie's Bliss

    Great boots! Love the studs :)

  27. Jessy Nyiri

    I love your boots, they are Gorge!!Would you like to follow each other via GFC? I sure would love to :)

    1. Jessy Nyiri

      I’m following now via GFC
      Hope you’ll do the same :)

  28. onlyforfashionvictim

    Hello dear. I’m new follower from Italy. Nice boots!
    If you want follow me back

  29. Francesca Giusti

    love this boots and also your blog! It’s so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  30. Sveva

    love these boots!

  31. Laura

    Thanks for your lovely comment :) I really love these boots :)

    Shape and Fashion
    Blog’s Facebook Page

  32. evi mili

    wraia papoutsia!
    eyxaristw gia to sxolio sou sto blog mou!
    se akolouthw mesw bloglovin kai GFC!
    elpizw na me akolouthiseis k esy!

  33. TomorrowlandLady

    So lovely blog :)
    Nice :)

    -follow each?

  34. Stephanie Lam

    I’m loving studs for this season too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! If you have a moment I have a new post up and I’d love to hear your thoughts! :)


  35. Audrey Allure

    Such gorgeous boots!

  36. Hina Naz

    awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog.

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.
    *International Giveaway*Enter to win Pair of lens.

  37. Noelia B.

    Your new boots are beautiful, great to have so many tacks!
    Thanks for your comment, and follow you by GFC. I love your blog!


    Hi girl!
    like ur blog! we r following you right now!
    like the shoesss!!

    girls from VOGUELE

  39. Go For The Glam

    Love the boots!!!!


  40. Tammy Lau

    hey, nice blog you have in the boot. Thanks for dropping by also. I was trying to like you FACEBOOK page, but there’s NO link. Please let me know and let me know if you want to follow each other in bloglovin love:)

    EDGYMIX-Travel for Fashion”

  41. juice

    they are so cool! nice blog, btw.
    maybe we can follow each other?

  42. Sara Bui
  43. Carly + Stacie

    Love the studded boots! They are great to wear with jeans, a dress.. anything! Lovely xx

  44. Elsa

    Oh! Einai super! Me geia sou! Thelw k ena zeygari epeigontws!

    Filia polla
    Out Of The Box

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