Rebecca Minkoff S/S ’13 collection

The new Spring/Summer collection of Rebecca Minkoff is here and I am pretty obsessed with this amazing collection!High waisted shorts,white collared shirts and all shades of blue became my favorite trends for S/S 2013.Here are my favorite outfits from the collection.

When I first saw those photos I had different feelings for every outfit!The first one reminds me the sea and I would totally wear it in a beach party,you know,chilling with some friends on the beach ,nice atmosphere,guitar and good mood!

The second outfit reminds me a New York girl!It is for urban girls that they love staying on Summer in the city wearing their  fashionable urban outfits.So I imagine this girl in the streets of New York,waiting for Taxi for her night out.

When I saw the third outfit I imagined the girl as a fashion assistant on a glamorous magazine,work aholic and still in the city on Summer! Look like a girl that everybody call her ”style icon”, with self-confidence,fashion taste but strict too!

I really love this collection!I think that combines different styles,prints,colors and all the clothing is really stylish but elegant too!

Love all those full of inspiration collections:)

Check the new contest of Rebecca Minkoff on Blog’lovin!
What do you think about those outfits?which one did you like the best?

5 responses to “Rebecca Minkoff S/S ’13 collection”

  1. Cravingforbarneys

    Love the whole collection!

  2. blackberryfashion

    My favourite outfit is number one, because I love going to the beach :)

  3. KATE V

    Τη λάτρεψα κι εγώ αυτή την collection! Αγαπημένο Look το 2ο!
    Θα σε δω στο FNO την Τρίτη;; :-)

    Kisses xx

    1. V?c?yBeL

      Ennoeitai Katerinaki mou!!

  4. elli tavlaridou

    you have a really nice post here!
    thanks for your lovely comment!
    just followed you girl!
    we have a lot in common ;)
    xxx elli

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