”Vagrancy”:You gonna love this brand!!!

Hello dolls!
How did you spent your weekend?I was reading so much and I think that my weekend was a little tired!My sister was here in Thessaloniki for visiting me and making the last details at her room!I am so happy that we are making our new home,our rooms are so different,my room is girlie and cute and her room is more stylish chic!As you understand we have different enough  styles,but the result is amazing and you gonna see it soon!This weekend I made some serious online shopping from a super new GREEK brand named ”Vagrancy‘ and I am totally sure that you gonna love it!It is about women and men t-shirts,accessories,sweaters and some of them are handmade!!I love the uniqueness of these clothing and as the company says ”Vagrancy is a life style”….

These are some of my favorite pieces:

You can find the products at www.vagrancy.gr
I have to tell you that the prices are very affordable and the style that they propose is really unique.There is variety of colors on each product and you will absolutely find something that suits to you style!

Did you like VAGRANCY pieces?


11 responses to “”Vagrancy”:You gonna love this brand!!!”

  1. Daisy Nguyen

    So hilarious that they cover the models faces with those masks!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  2. Cravingforbarneys

    Love it!

  3. sophia -stacy

    Cool tees! Love them!


  4. Tina Pippo

    Μου άρεσε πολύ το δεύτερο και τρίτο μπλουζάκι στα γυναικεία, κι από τα αντρικά, η δεύτερη, σκούρα γκρι μπλούζα! Αλλά τι παρουσίαση τα μοντέλα!! χαχα!
    Καλή εβδομάδα να έχεις!!

  5. Demi Mist

    Looking forward to see the photos of your house!

  6. Miss Daja

    I am going to check them out. I fell in love with the LOGO!

    Sincerely Daja

  7. anatoli ni

    Καλημερα!σευχαριστλω πολύ για το σχόλιο σου;)ακολουθώ ήδη το blog σου εδω και λίγες μέρες!
    πολλά φιλιά


  8. Clara Turbay

    it´s the perfect way to chosse what you like and show it off.

  9. daggistr

    Great Tees ! love them <3 …would You like to follow each other ? just let me know :)


  10. samecookiesdifferent

    yes pretty cool!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  11. Fashion Diaries

    poli omorfo to deftero bluzaki!!


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