Gossip Girl-Season 6!!!+Giveaway winners

Hello dolls!
How are you?Weekend comes to the end and it is the first time that I really can’t wait for the Monday!I was waiting all the summer for the new Season of Gossip Girl and finally it has come!So this season ,the sixth,will be the last ( :( ) and we will watch the end on January!!!What is gonna happening?Do you love the Chair  or the Dair couple??Oh I have to tell you that Chuck is my favorite boy and Blair my loveliest girl!So as you understand I support Blair and Chuck as a couple!!At the last episode of the 5 season ,we saw Serina again alone,and I am waiting to see what is gonna happend in this season…We will see many surprises for sure!!Here you gonna see sneak peeck photos of season 6:)

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Who is your favorite Gossip Girl actor/actress???
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11 responses to “Gossip Girl-Season 6!!!+Giveaway winners”

  1. Irina
  2. annalise

    I also have been waiting all summer for Gossip Girl season 6! Can’t wait any longer, even though I know that there will only be a few episodes and then it will be over forever!


  3. Theonlyfashionprincess

    I even haven’t seen season 5 but I can’t can’t can’t wait!!:) x

  4. Patricia Ayuso

    love gossip girl ;) great post!!

  5. Cravingforbarneys

    I love GOSSIP! I’m glad is back!


  6. Kelinha


  7. Silvia

    Lovely blog! Following you now, hope tou will follow me too!

  8. Cassandra Too

    I stopped following Gossip girl but Chuck is my fave too! :D

    backtofive’s twitter
    Bloggers Against Social Injustice

    See you soon at backtofive! :D

  9. LOIS

    tomorrow is my bday and it’s back on! :D
    Love Lois xxx


  10. Claire D. T

    Λατρεύω gossip girl!! Η αγαπημένη μου είναι η blair :)

  11. ZP

    Δε χωράει σκέψη ο Ed Westwick, ο Chuck Bass φυσικά!!!!

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