Vicky Shop’s: “Sammy Dress” New purchaseees!!

Hello guys!!
How are you??I am pretty tired today,cause I was at university all the day and I think that I will sleep very early today!!But before that I will present you  my new jewelry purchases from the online store “Sammy Dress”. I love this store,because it has really affordable prices and  amazing products!My little package came to me today(I ordered it 3 weeks ago) and I am really in love with those jewelry!!You can check the products and I would love to hear your opinions!

My new Jewelry

Light pink earrings

White earrings

As I am looking those photos I think that I really need a new digital camera.Have you any proposals to do?
Do you like the jewelry??

30 responses to “Vicky Shop’s: “Sammy Dress” New purchaseees!!”

  1. Maja Sanela

    Before I didn’t like these earrings, but now I love them. They are sweet, romantic and very practical.

  2. the creation of beauty is art.

    Those light pink earrings are amazing!


    Lovely purchases!
    Especially love the earrings!


  4. Kacie

    I love your new items! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m your newest follower :)

  5. Helena Resende

    Cool post! Sure we can follow each other! :) I am a new follower and now it is your turn to follow me back! :)

  6. Izabela Nikolovska

    i totally follow you.
    could you follow me back?

  7. Karolina

    Great purchases! Sure we can follow each other! I’m following you!

  8. Lili Matic

    nice necklace ;)

    Uni is stressing me either :(



  9. Estilo Hedónico

    Thank you for your lovely comment!!
    I follow you now!!!!!!!
    If you want we can follow also on Facebook and bloglovin!! Let me know!! :)


  10. Maja Sanela

    I already follow you, honey! If you want you can follow me too! :)

  11. ylenia

    Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah, I follow you with pleasure….maybe follow me back?

  12. Patti

    hello! like your blog! im following you now on GFC,Bloglovin and Facebook! if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo

  13. High4allheels

    Cute picks! I am in need of some new accessories! New follower!

  15. Metajojuana Nyt

    What a lovely blog! Love all your pics! How’d you like to follow each other?

    Love ,Nyt
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  16. Kelinha

    Nice post ;D

  17. Carolyne O'

    Awwww they are so cute, love them <3


  18. Annie L

    Pretty earrings.
    Great blog, following!
    xo Annie

  19. Sabrina T.

    so cute!!
    sure dear, let’s follow,
    i wait u on mine, i’ll do the same back immediately

    Patchwork à Porter

  20. Claire D. T

    Με γεια σου :) Είναι πολύ όμορφα!!

  21. Amie K

    you chose some lovely things!
    I’m your newest follower! Found you on Fashion Influx blog :)
    XO Amie

  22. Rita Dias

    Great purchases!
    I’m following you :)

  23. Minela

    Wow, they are so pretty :)


    super stuff :)

  25. danielle p.

    lovely new finds!

  26. -telmasofia

    I love the bracelet <3 I have too of them <3
    xoxo, Chance to change

  27. Laura

    amazing stuffs!


    PURSESANDI – personal style blog

  28. Jen Umm

    the nacklace is epicccc
    great inspiration! love the pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  29. eye_spy

    great post, i just love the necklace!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    follow back? eye_spy

  30. Call me M

    They are all really nice! Me’geia sou! :)
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you again soon.

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