Body Shop Christmas Event Thessaloniki

Hello dolls!!
Today it was the Body Shop Christmas Event in Thessaloniki!It was a really stunning event,many amazing products,new perfumes ,masks and of course very good prices!!There were also Cupcakes and champagne  and they were yummy!!I saw a lot of bloggers and the best thing is that there was 20% discount.
Here you can see the pictures of the Event and the new products of Body Shop

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Have you ever been to a Body Shop event?

21 responses to “Body Shop Christmas Event Thessaloniki”

  1. Patricia Do Nascimento

    I have never been to a body shop event but this one seemed to be so nice!!
    Moreover, these cupcakes seems delicious!!!

  2. Lise Kapris

    Wow!!! What an amassing post!! I like body shop too much, it is perfect brand!

    Lise Kapris

  3. Lili Matic

    This is so nice ;)

    Did you take a look at my new post ? :)


  4. Nothing obliges

    cute photos, now following :) Hope you’ll stop by and follow.
    xoxo Ryta

  5. Ksenia

    i want everythink!good products

  6. Frastef

    Wow!!!! Fab event!!!

  7. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion

    LOve these kind of events!!!Thanks for your comment :)

    I have a massive giveaway with 25 WINNERS-have a look!

  8. HonneJihen

    Thank you so much for visiting my page and for leaving a comment! I love the Body Shop!!^^ Nice blog and post.
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Facebook? If so please let me know, i always follow back!

    Have a nice day!

  9. despina/anna

    Really love Body shop!! nice post :) you have a new follower, hope you visit my blog :)

  10. the creation of beauty is art.

    These sets look really great! I always love holiday gift sets.

  11. Anita Anota

    Great event! Nice beauty products and yummy cupcakes! =) thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m following you!
    kiss kiss

  12. Gen Emman
  13. Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav

    First of all, thank you for your comment on
    It means a lot to us!

    We hope you liked our blog and follow us!

    Great post, next week I’ll go to Thessaloniki, so probably I’ll visit Body Shop as well!

  14. Carla

    How fun! I love the bodyshop! I’m following you, follow back? xoxo

  15. Bel

    Looks like you had a fun time. The cupcakes look so yummy!
    Thanks for your nice comment. Of course we can follow each other! Follow me on gfc and I’ll follow back!
    Take care

  16. brooke

    body shop has the best smelling stuff!

    thanks for checking out my blog!

  17. Claire D. T

    Ήσουν και εσύ?? Αχ κρίμα που δε σε είδα!!
    Δεν ήταν τέλειο event??

    1. V?c?yBeL

      Ναι ήμουν και εγώ αλλα δεν πρόλαβα να κάτσω πολύ!
      Ήταν τέλεια,πολύ ωραία πράγματα!!!

  18. Kertu

    I just love body shop.<3 everything smells so nice and the bottles are super cute.:))

    Kisses from Finland

  19. V?c?yBeL

    thanks a lot dolls for your lovely comments!!
    I appreciate it!

  20. Donna Iveh

    body shop is amazing store with amazing stuff. Its cruelty free, and enviroment friendly..just love it!

    check my blog

    if you like we can follow each other!


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