Currently in love:Zohara tights

Zohara Tights

The Zohara tights brand is my latest found on internet and I really love them!When I found this site I really loved everything!There are many original prints that I have never seen before and I think that they are must for the Fall/Winter!!Zohara tights brand was launched in 2010 in Israel and they are really famous worldwide!!
My favorite tights are those with gold details and rock prints!!!They are easy wearable and perfect for every outfit!!!!
About the Company: “

All products are created on the belief of high quality, style and convenience.
Every year a selected number of Artists from around the world brings a different perception of art to the collection. 
All the drawings are unique and original and together they create different and varied styles of hosiery, which give a fashionable look to each woman 
Zohara Tights are 120 Den, soft and comfortable, one size that fits woman size 34-50
Do you like those tights?Which one is your favorite?

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    beautiful tights!
    your blog is great, I am following you now on gfc (702) and bloglovin (79)
    hope that you can visit my blog :)

  2. Janice Lunes

    Great post!

    Great pictures I’ll check them out :)



  3. Sylvie and Maria

    beautiful post keep going i really like your blog!!!!!:)

  4. Ksenia

    amazing pictures!

  5. Jasmin Mazarine De Waele

    Of course we could follow each other :)
    following you dear


    Beautiful tights! I love the first one :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  7. Pakize Kapan

    OMG all of those tights are amazing ! I am your newest follower via GFC, feel free to visit my Fashion Blog anytime sweetie :)

    kisses Pakize (Keke)

  8. Bel

    They’re all awesome! I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

  9. Karima

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    Kisses from Amsterdam

  10. evi mili

    so nice and unique tights!
    great post!

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  12. ZxM Style-Squared

    those are some cool tights and love the black hat too!!!

    ps. thank you for your lovely words and for following, we are now following you back!!!:)
    see you again soon!!!


  13. Kertu

    Thank you for visiting my blog doll. <3 I joined as your reader in gfc (#706), and would be so glad if you’ll followed me back. :)


  15. Outside Looking In

    These are amazing works of art!!! I think I need a few pairs!!

  16. Antonella Leone

    love those coolants <3<3

  17. Angie

    Amazing post!!!Great blog..:)Following you immediately!!!:)Follow me back?:P



  18. Antonella Leone

    I also want it <3<3

  19. ???????? ???????

    poli endiaferwn post!!!:) tixaia epesa panw sto blog s k fainetai arketa omorfo!! eimai kainourgia blogger!!rikse mia matia sto blog m k an thes mporoume n akolouthisei i mia tn alli!!t les?? enimerwse m g tn apofasi s sto blog!! <3

    keep the good work!!
    xoxo stefaniaa!!

  20. GlamourDrama

    what a beautiful tights!!! I’ve just started following you, if u would follow me back i’ll be very happy :) OPEN GIVEAWAY!

  21. Borjana

    You can’t do wrong, can’t you?;-)Love it!

  22. NewLife

    My favorite tights are Wolford, but these are definitely worth a look – so original!


  23. Oferal Rever

    If you look closely at our new urban art collection you’ll see elements of design made popular by street art.

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