Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

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Deodorant vs Antiperspirant
Well, tricky question this one, isn’t it? Do you know which one to choose based on their efficiency to beat sweating? In order to make the right choice you should first understand the main differences between the two products. Still, before anything else, the best thing to do is to learn a few things about what causes sweating.Okay, so let’s start! We all know that humans emit a natural body odor that has several sources. Still, it seems that the characteristic scent of sweating is highly felt in the armpit area. Why? Because the two types of sweat glands found all over your skin are mostly concentrated in your underarm. At the beginning sweating is odorless but things change once the lipids become an amazing place for bacteria to develop. So, bacterias interact with the lipids transforming them into components that cause that unpleasant smell.
When it comes to the basic difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, at first sight we might found nothing to make us choose one over the other. However, analyzing things better lead us to the conclusion that there are in fact certain qualities making one of these two a better alternative.
That being said, it’s now time to point the pros and cons of these products and see which one wins the battle! Well, while deodorants neutralize that unwanted odor and combat sweating, antiperspirants block the pores in order to keep you from sweating. Deodorants contain antiseptic agents while antiperspirants contain fragrance and chemical compounds that can be often efficient to save you from sweat spots and excessive perspiration.
There are studies that have found a link between breast cancer and antiperspirants due to the aluminum they contain and which is considered to cause DNA mutation, a requisite for uncontrolled growth of cells. However, manufactures claim that these researches are groundless.
With the gazillion of products available in stores, choosing the perfect variant can become a real burden. You now have the possibility to pick from an impressive range of deodorants and antiperspirants and stay fresh. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you the most and which you consider to be less harmful!

Did you like the article?Which one would you choose?

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    I use Macrovita’s natural Crystal instead.

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