My favorite Birthday Gifts!!

Hello dolls!
As you may know I had my birthday on 28th November and my beloved friends gave many cool presents and I decided to present you today some of them!!!!So my boyfriend bought me a stunning boyfriend jean with a pair of ZARA pumps(I gonna show you them on my first OOTD) and my friends gave  me many amazing gifts but I chose to show you the best of the them !!!So below you can see my favorite birthday gifts,including necklaces,jewelry,lip glosses,lipsticks etc.Can’t wait to show you them guys!!
Lots of love

So,my lovely friend Aggelika gave me this stunning gold STRADIVARIUS necklace with a pair of gold stradivarius earrings!I really love this set because gold is my favorite trend for the Fall!It is also easy wearable and you can wear it easily in the morning but at night too!

The second present that I really love is this MAC lipstick.Ok,MAC is my favorite brand,I love all their products and their lipsticks are the best that I have ever bought!This is the “retro” lipstick and I it is a little darker as it looks in the photo!This color is must for the F/W and I am sure that you won’t regret it if you buy it!

Then I have those lipglosses and lipstick from the brand “ARTDECO”.So it is the first time that I tasted those products and I have to tell you that I am very satisfied.The two lip glosses are long lasting and they have glitter that make the lips look glamorous!!The lipstick is also amazing,the color is light pink and you can wear it all day!

The last but not least product is this “S.Olivier” necklace.So I hadn’t a silver necklace and this one I loved it because of its design and the fact that I can easily  wear it  with a warm sweater or with a night outfit!

Which one is your favorite gift?

14 responses to “My favorite Birthday Gifts!!”

  1. Diana (double-ganger)

    very beautiful picture! so elegant!

  2. Jelisaveta ?ukanovi?

    Beautiful! :)

    Liberty Walk blog

  3. Kelly Ann

    I love the last necklace, so pretty!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. the creation of beauty is art.

    Everything is great! I love that necklace!

  5. Lyriel B

    Μεγειά σου!! Το κραγιόν και το στικάκι αλλά και το τελευταίο μενταγιόν μου άρεσαν περισσότερο, δε ξέρω τι να διαλέξω, μάλλον το μενταγιόν ;)
    Και του χρόνου :)

  6. Denisa

    They looks so nice. Perfect gifts. Have a nice day.

  7. Bel

    Lovely presents! Your birthday is a day before mine ;)

  8. Mary

    Γεια και απο μενα!! Λατρευω τα προιοντα artdeco!!! Χρονια σου πολλα και καλα!!!

  9. Catherine Belle

    These gifts are awesome! cute blog :)

    hope you come see mine too xo

  10. Fotini..

    wow!! teleia pragmatakia!!! :D omorfo blog!!! :D
    thnx gia to comment s!
    filakia polla!!! :**

  11. evi mili

    poly omorfa dwra!
    elpizw na ta xareis meton kalytero tropo!

  12. Fashion Reactor

    Πολύ όμορφα δώρα!!!! Ξεχωρίζω το κολιέ και το MAC κραγιόν ;)

    Ειρήνη από

  13. Claire D. T

    Είναι πολύ όμορφα :)

  14. Claire D. T

    Είναι όλα πολύ όμορφα..
    Καλοφόρετα!! :)

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