Currently in love: Neon Outfits

 Hey dolls!!
This is an inspiration day !! Neon is totally in for the summer and of course I couldn’t resist on making an inspiration post about the best neon outfits, I found! Bold colors, like yellow, fuchia, orange and green are in  limelight and  neon clutches and other accessories are the best choice for your spring/summer outfits!Get some ideas and refresh you wardrobe !!

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26 responses to “Currently in love: Neon Outfits”

  1. Laura
  2. Kyra

    Neon is awesome! I am already collecting a few key pieces at the moment for the upcoming summer season! Love, Kyra

  3. Mary Kapsi
  4. Shannon Boyce

    Neon is always so much fun! I love it.

  5. Karima

    So beautiful! I love neon!

    Love from Amsterdam!

  6. Abigail

    Great ideas, esp for summer :) I love the first dress – gorgeous!

    Hope you can check out my blog for my new post. See you around, dear!

  7. Izzaura

    great post!
    neon colors are cool, & i really love the yellow neon gown!


  8. Eva M.
  9. Vivian Yuen

    I LOVE the neon trend, all these outfits are beautiful!~ Thanks for sharing~



  10. Lilli

    I like the neon trends, all the looks you shared are very cool!:) Kisses! xo

  11. Caro

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m so envious of you and your blog!


  12. Pilar Aradillas Segarra

    Thanks for your comment!!!
    Love your blog!!! =)

  13. Irene H Steel

    I really love those neon touches! I prefer it on purses and shoes but is awesome to see this trend everywhere :)

  14. Denisa

    That first yellow dress is amazing. woow. Have a nice day.

  15. Milex

    This is so exciting

  16. Glam up your Lifestyle

    Great pictures, i like asseccoires in neon color’s

  17. Nana

    Beautiful Outfits! I like the yellow dress :)

  18. sundayspoon

    Τα θέλω όλα!!!!!

  19. Thania

    Apisteuto post!! To blog sou einai uperoxo, gemato empneusi!!!
    Gia omorfa xeiropoihta kosmimata mporeis na kaneis like sti selida mou an theleis!!:)


  20. Bouchra Amine

    Helloo sweetie! Thank you so much for the lovely comment:) Im following u now. I would love that u do the same and would u plz open Cozbest link on my first post?

  21. Julia

    Love neon!!
    Thanks for visit my blog dear!!!
    I didn’t know yours bt I really like it. I’m your new follower in GFC. Please, follow me back!!!
    Kisses from Spain

  22. Lauren

    I am seeing neon everywhere and I totally love it! Bring such a nice pop of Summer hehe xo

  23. Paula Shoe-fiend

    OMG!!! I ‘m loving all these pics! I especially love neon yellow and pink :-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  24. Lidia FZ

    I like neon yellow. Nice pictures.
    bye from Spain.

  25. R.A. Cruz

    this post definitely gave me fabulous outfit ideas! i love all those photos, especially the yellow top-blue pants combo. so chic and stylish! I’m following you now :D

    would you like to follow each other? ^__^

  26. Casper Lynn

    WOW, love the yellow dress very very much.
    That’s my favorite style!!!!!!!
    I plan to buy one in that style. <3<3<3
    Look at my style.:)

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