Harlem Shake – Thessaloniki !!

Hey guys!!!
How are you ?? Hope you had a nice weekend!! The other day I was with my friends at Kristy’s house and we made our own HARLEM SHAKE !! It was really fun, we had an amazing time and now I have the result of our effort !! hehe
Guess who I am !!

I wait for your comments
Hope you like it

3 responses to “Harlem Shake – Thessaloniki !!”

  1. sundayspoon

    Τελικά όλοι έχουν παραδοθεί στην μόδα αυτού του χορού! Πάντα έτσι όμορφα να περνάτε!

  2. Anonymous

    Crazy in love with it
    lovely moments!!!


  3. Claire D. T

    Μμμ η κοπέλα που χτενίζεται? Ή αυτή που χορεύει στην αρχή??
    Πολύ ωραία προσπάθεια πάντως!!

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