CIATÉ Chalkboard nails is the new trend !!!

Hey dolls!!
Today’s post is all about CIATÉ!! To my mind is one of the best nail polish companies !! I love the fact that she is always very innovative! CIATÉ always promotes smart and original ideas, like the caviar or the metallic nail polishes, that they were the best trend for the last few months!! This time though, promotes something that remembers me my childhood!! -Chalkboard nails- , like the old blackboard that we all had in school and now is the the best nail trend for our nails!! amazing huh?? 
How come’s the set ? Chalkboard nails, come with liquid chalk pens that you can doodle, draw and write what ever you want upon your nails !!

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 What about the Set?

Inside the set you gonna find a black base coat, which is your blackboard, four little chalk pens, that give you the chance to draw everything you want and if you are not pleased with the result of your drawings, you can simply replace them with water !! At last you apply the matte paint coat and your nails are ready !!

Do you like the CIATÉ Chalkboard nails  ??

11 responses to “CIATÉ Chalkboard nails is the new trend !!!”

  1. Isa Machado

    Thats very nice! :D

  2. Chai Chen

    Gorgeous nails Vicky! Love the the cute designs! :)

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  3. Fashion Reactor

    Είναι τέλειο!! Που μπορούμε να το βρούμε;;


  4. Bianca

    cool products! xoxo

  5. Lita

    I love those nails!!!

  6. Niki

    I think its kinda cute! I am starting to get into these crazy nail trends! Very cool!

  7. Adora Mehitabel
  8. Silvia Lomi

    This nail pollsh is so cool! I want it :)
    I love your blog, so interesting!

    Silvia Ordinary Silly

  9. Chicgirlonthego

    τέλειο!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Και το post και το blog γενικά. Είσαι μία κούκλα. :)

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  11. Nery Hdez

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