How to find the write swimwear for your bust !!!

How to find the right swimwear for your bust
With summer on its way, you might be wondering what bikini to buy for your holiday. Choosing the right swimwear isn’t always easy, so we’ve put a quick guide together based on the size of your bust.
Medium to large chested
Whether you’re naturally buxom or have undergone a breast implant operation, it’s essential to get the uplift and support you need. You don’t want your assets jiggling everywhere on the beach, so look for something with plenty of underwire and make sure the straps are wide – and wide apart – to support the weight of your chest. Halternecks can also keep everything in place without compromising on cleavage, but avoid too much padding as you simply don’t need it.
If you feel self-conscious in a two-piece, there are plenty of tankinis and swimming costumes that will do wonders for your figure. Low-cut or plunging styles will help show off your cleavage and secret control panels will keep your voluptuous shape in check. Want to minimise those assets? Then stick to dark, block colours and stay away from boxy or square necklines as these will make you look wider than you really are. Kelly Brook has recently been snapped modelling her latest New Look swimwear range, so take a leaf out of her book and make the most of your curves.
Small chested
If you have a little less upfront, you can probably get away with flimsy triangle tops. These are available in most high street shops and tend to have delicate ties and straps that won’t overwhelm your smaller figure. Demi-cup and bandeau styles and particularly flattering but don’t be afraid to go for something with ruffles, tassels, frills and detailing around each cup as this can create the illusion of volume. In terms of colours, opt for horizontal strips, polka dots or vibrant shades as these can make your chest look fuller than it really is and stick to small print patterns.
If you’ve got a slender frame with very few curves, a two-piece can break up the straight lines of your torso, but there are also swimsuits that will perfect your shape. Underwire, boning, pleating and padding will help define your figure and strapless designs are just great for the smaller chest. Stay away from plunging, low cut styles unless they have padding and stick to soft fabrics that glide delicately over your subtle curves.
Summer is just around the corner, so hit the shops and see what you can find!

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