Fashion In: Kenzo Resort Collection

Hey loves!!
Hope you are all well :) I was asked from a girl yesterday to write a post about my outfit proposals,good clothing  and accessories combinations for holidays in Africa and generally in hot places! The real is, that I had many ideas and I decided to get inspired from only one collection and I chose my favorite one! I am talking of course about the Kenzo Resort Collection, which is the best for the hot summer days ! The collection called ”Electric Jungle” and it is all about crazy patterns and designs, bold colors and leopard prints ! I read something about the latter that I found it very interesting, the fact that the leopard print,that they used is derived from the markings of the clouded leopard, native only to East Asia. Unique ha? The whole collection is inspired from the travels of the creators, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim! 



*** If you have any ideas, about a new destination, which you would like to make an inspiration post with outfit ideas let me know :)


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    very inspiring post. I love the patterns.

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    I love this fantastic Kenzo collection. I wish the black bag were mine <3


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    Amazing collection, I understand perfectly why you chose it, I didnt know it, but thx for showing us.

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  28. Mary Kapsi
  29. Corinne

    These are great picks for an African holiday!

    Corinne x

  30. Stylish By Nature

    Let me say that I really love these outfits !!!!


  31. Viv

    I’m loving all their prints, so awesome!

  32. SPRFRK

    love the kenzo purse!

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