Inspo Time: Rings & Neon Accessories

Hey loves!!
This is the beginning of something new!!!! From now on I will be featuring more myself into my blog and to my mind this is a chance to get to know each other better!! What do you think?? So, Today you gonna have a taste of my neon stuff and rings collection and if you want to know more, let me know in order to show you my whole collection!!

 Nerd necklace: Martofchina
Earrings: Martofchina
First from left:  Vintage
Second: MartofChina
Third: local store
Fourth: Vintage

12 responses to “Inspo Time: Rings & Neon Accessories”

  1. Venustus Honest

    I love your Lipstick!
    Can you say me the name of the product?

    1. Vicky Perper

      it is from sephora hun!!

  2. fashiontime

    hi dear, great blog ;) love your rings <3
    and o f course we can followe each other! i start ;*

    kisses Violet

  3. Jackie Harrison
  4. Allure lab

    ομορφα δαχτυλιδακια..αλλα μπροστα στο σκουλαρικι-κεραυνο δεν πιανουν μια..χαχαχα..ολα υπεροχα!!

  5. Bianca

    lovely rings!
    Join my Oasap giveaway and win an item of your choice! xoxo

  6. Claire D. T

    Είναι όλα μοναδικά!! :)

  7. Fashion Reactor

    Εχω τεραστια συλλογη δαχτυλιών!!! ΠΟλυ μου αρέσουν αυτά που φοράς


  8. Mery Arbi

    I love the plain gold ones!!!

  9. Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes}

    I love all of the rings!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Jayden Floyd

    Nice Collection of fashionable rings and fashion accessories. Love to share your blog with my friends.

  11. Fashion Jewelry

    Nice Collection!

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