Katwalk Kimberleys:Find a job in the UK and ”Kick the habit Keep the job”

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Today I have maybe the most interesting fashion news ever. Some days ago, I got an e-mail from a kind woman, named Abigail and she presented me her brand new online store that will offer work positions to people that they were in the past drug abusers. I was so overwhelmed, when I heard the reasons of her decision to do this store, so I decided to present you her online store and give you every single info for her history, the offered positions and the products that she sales.The name of the store is ”Katwalk Kimberleys” and it has to do with women clothing, shoes and accessories. You can find it easily  here www.katwalkkimberleys.co.uk 

Abigail lost her sister Kimberley in 2010 to substance misuse aged 30. The devastation as you understand to her and her family has been traumatic. Kimberley had made several attempts to kick the habit of taking drugs and often spoke about the desire to have a job, sadly the attempts of staying clean lasted no longer than three months.  The reason that she opened her online store ”Katwalk Kimberleys”, was because she strongly believe that if Kimberley had a job then her attempts to stay abstinent would have been successful and Kimberley would still be here.
The purpose ofKatwalk Kimberleys is to employ people that are in recovery from drug and alcohol (substance) misuse to help them remain abstinent and live a healthier and more positive lifestyle. After a research that she day,  discovered that there aren’t many opportunities like this one in UK so she made the beginning and she opened her arms to every person that wanted to find a way-out of drugs and alcohol.
KKs is currently selling Wellington Boots, Fleece Welly Liners and novelty Wine Bottle Umbrellas, all imported from China.  With British people increasingly wanting to by British however, it is their intention to expand their product range with UK sourced products, to access this growing market segment
The jobs that will be created are:

•           Sales assistance in shops and online

•           Sewing machinists

•           Printers of logos on T-shirts

•           Marketing

•           Packing / Deliveries

•           Admin

*find more info by pressing ”read more”

To maintain professionalism and high standards of business – KKs will need a percentage of professional workers in order for new employees to work shadow and keep a watchful eye over the workforce.  KKs will aim to keep the workforce at 30% non ex substance misusers and 70% ex substance misusers.Therefore meeting the social aims as set in the business plan and KKS Corporate Social Responsibility.
The unique selling point of Katwalk Kimberleys is that the customers are directly helping to address a major problem that impacts their own communities. Their purchases contributing  to keeping ex substance misusers in a job and help them to help themselves.  Not only are purchasers keeping ex substance misusers in a job they are potentially keeping crime rates down.  By purchasing these products the buyer will have a sense of well-being and contentment knowing that through their purchase they have contributed and supported an organization, which is trying to solve a massive and a nuisance problem in their own Country.  This same feeling occurs when we purchase a fair trade product, we know we have contributed to something good.
To my mind  without employment the person becomes distracted by their inner ‘addictive’ thoughts making the battle to remain abstinent much harder.  If they have a job however, it brings many health benefits, fills their time positively and earning their own money gives a real sense of well-being and a much greater need to spend their money on something worth while as a result of working hard and earning a wage through honest legitimate means. So it would be really helpful to support every single person this amazing attempt of Abigail and share her online store on the social networks, in order to get the audience informed and help people find a job and feel better with themselves. If we help them, we help the whole community because “its not what they sell its why they sell it”

Find Katwalk Kimberleys on FACEBOOK : HERE
Find Katwalk Kimberleys on Twitter : HERE 

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