Vicky shop’s : Paul’s Boutique Bags

Hey Hey !!
Hope you are all well!! New Online Store Todayy!! yaaaay!!! I was always a big lover of Paul’s Boutique Bags! I think that they totally much to my style!!Why?? Because bold colors, original patterns and good quality are the best attributes of that bags! I couldn’t ask for more!! The summer 2013 collection though, is my favorite ever!! Expect from being so cute, girlie and chic, Lightnings is my thing, I love them!!! I don’t know if it is because of the design or something else that appeals me so much to them, but I have several things with this design, like earrings (here), necklaces, phone cases and now I want all the Paul’s Boutiques (hehe) and especially those with the lightnings on them!!! This collection as I said, includes many amazing pieces with fancy combinations, like neon colors with black or bold colors with beige! That, that makes this collection unique is that there are also many interesting purses, that the most designs of the latter are the same with the bags and they are very affordable.
Want to know more? Just click read more and check my favorite pieces of the collection!!!



15 responses to “Vicky shop’s : Paul’s Boutique Bags”

  1. Jackie Harrison

    Cool bag love them all.

  2. ELISA
  3. Rachel.

    love the first one, it’s amazing! xo

    Pretty Petticoats

  4. Gabriele

    I love PB bags! I own one myself! :)


  5. Ksenia

    neon is my favorite!

  6. Danica Stark

    loving the one with lightning
    Following you now
    Danica Stark

  7. Jodie Marie

    Thanks for the comment! I’d love to follow each other – now following via GFC and bloglovin’

    Jodie xo
    à la Jode

  8. Miriam Pérez
  9. kaceyandy

    Great bags, love the neon yellow one :)

  10. Sydney Corporate by LuisaM

    Loving the chic satchel bag <3

  11. Chai Chen

    I can see why you love the shop! It’s amazing!!! Love the style Vicky! Cool and cute and chic! :)

    Been busy lately with my work lah~ Sorry I just visited again now.
    Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^)

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  12. Adriana Bernabé

    Didnt know this brand but just fell in love!! I really like the one with a ray

    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

  13. Lise Kapris

    Hello, dear! I am totally in love with your blog!!! What do you think to follow each other?
    Have a look at my blog devoted to life of a young fashionista living in a big city –

    I will be happy to see you =)

    Lise Kapris

  14. Inge Lakawa

    so many beautiful cute bags >.< hard to choose which one is my fav

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  15. Beauty Follower

    Αυτες με το κεραυνό ειναι σούπερ!

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