New In: Watches

Hey loves!!
Today I am gonna show you my watch collection!! I love accessories in general but watches are my thing and I wanted for a long time to highlight my watch appreciation hobby! I think that the best accessory not only for a woman but also for a man is the watch. There is great variety, like luxury watches or simple for everyday. The truth is that I don’t have any problem if my watch is expensive or cheap, the only thing that I care is to like it and to match with my personal style! I  own some really expensive watches, that are usually gifts from my relatives or friends but I have also some other for my every day outfits that look good with the most of my clothes!
 Here you can see that I chose my favorite watches, that I wear them the most, like My leather Daniel Wellington watch, my silver Dolce & Gabanna, which is my favorite, the purple Loisir, the gold Ferendi, that looks good with  my gold necklaces and earrings and last but not least the big Celcior, which is extravagant and it is the only accessory that I wear, when I wear this watch.

Did you like my watches? Do you have any favorite watch brand?
Hope you liked them and get inspired:)

26 responses to “New In: Watches”

  1. Marlen York

    hey!!!you have a great collection here!!!i am watch-lover too!!!My favorite brand is Michael Kors!!!….nice idea for a post,maybe I am going to get inspired from you and make watch-post too someday!!!:)
    keep up the good work!!!
    xxx Marlen!

    1. Vicky Perper

      oh thank you so so much my dear!!!
      I love also Michael Kors watches:)

  2. beauty and the food beast!

    to megalo to mauro fainetai teleioooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Milana ?enadija

    Nice job, Vicky :))) You have quite a collection there :)))
    That Daniel Wellington watch is gorgeous :)

  4. ? vendy ?

    love the daniel wellington one dear
    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!

  5. Shannon Boyce

    These are all so beautiful!

  6. Jackie Harrison

    Wow nice collection of watches.

  7. Pooja Mittal

    Very innovative to post your warch collection.. U gave some beautiful watches..
    Keep in touch

  8. Danai

    Love the Daniel Wellington watch! :)

  9. Veronica Vannini

    Wow, amazing collection dear!

    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  10. Ashley

    You definitely have a great watch collection :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Vicky Perper

      oh thank you sweetie:)

  11. Olia

    Love this! Head over to my blog I would love for you to check it out!

  12. Yana Drozdenko

    I’m a fan of watches! You have great collection, My favourite one is Deniel Wellington!
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    1. Vicky Perper

      thank you so much girls for your kind words!
      I am following u now, great blog!

  13. Yana Drozdenko

    I’m a fan of watches and I like your collection. my favourite one is Deniel Wellington watch!
    We are new followers of your blog and we invite you to our: follow us, read and leave comments!

  14. andysparkles

    Awesome watches!


  15. Kate

    Αχ πολυ ομορφα ολα αλλα το μαυρο το μεγαλο τελειο ειναι! Εχω και εγω τρελα με τα ρολογια!

    1. Vicky Perper

      και εμενα το μαύρο είναι απο τα αγαπημενα μου!

  16. shine star
  17. Frock and Kohl

    Great blog you have some really good content! I would really appreciate it if you could stop by my blog and if you like it please follow on Gfc and I will do the same x

    1. Vicky Perper

      Thank you hun!! of course I will :)

  18. Sharon

    Wow impressive! I only have one watch. It’s a Michael Kors and I wear it a lot :)

  19. Claire D. T

    Είναι όλα ένα και ένα :)

  20. Bárbara Marques

    That’s quite a collection :) i have that one from d&g and i’d love to have that from Daniel wellington :)

  21. zdf

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