Nina Ricci L’Eau Perfume Review #BeautyTag

Hey loves!!!
New Beauty Tag today!!! I recently purchased a new perfume that I really love it! I wanted long ago to buy  a different from others perfume and this one is exactly what I want!! So, my new perfume is Nina Ricci L’eau.I have never tried a Nina Ricci perfume and I found this fragrance to be a very welcome introduction to the Ricci family of Scents. Nina Ricci launched a new version of the Nina perfume from 2006 called Nina L’Eau. The new fragrance came out in late January 2013. Romantic and subtle, fresh fruity and aquatic, Nina L’Eau opens with refreshing notes of apple, grapefruit, mandarin and neroli. The heart includes watery accords along with gardenia and cherry. The base is sensual musky. Nina L’Eau is available as 30, 50 and 80 ml Eau de Toilette.

Feminine and springy, and youthful also without being immature. Cherry seems to be the new trend for fragrance. This is a light, pretty scent which is totally wearable for the workplace or anytime, but IMO more suited for daytime than a night out.  I just love it!

Upon opening the box I was welcomed by a sweet, beautiful apple shaped bottle which looked feminine and cute. I loved the baby pink color and the silver details!
Upon first spritzing the perfume the first scents that hit me are the top notes of apple and grapefruit.I then pick up the fresh smell of gardinia and cherry followed by the subtle musky base. All in all this combination makes for a very fresh and fruity scent that isn’t too sweet and overpowering yet still keeps a girly edge.
This is perfect for the summer and the whole package is amazing either for a gift or for personal use


20 responses to “Nina Ricci L’Eau Perfume Review #BeautyTag”

  1. Jackie Harrison

    I will purchase just on the packaging itself.

  2. Fede

    i’m in love with parfumes, want to try it

  3. A. S. (Asilosofy blog)
  4. ? vendy ?

    I never tried it…but I want to smell this fragrance

    NEW POST!!!

  5. Kamilla Chales

    Me encanta!!! Esta marca hace perfumes maravillosos!!! Un besitoo!!!

  6. Katie

    Sounds lovely! xx

  7. Eduarda Rocha

    So good ;)

  8. Tijana J. Dominguez

    Hi! :) Thanks for your comment!
    I love love that perfume, it’s one of my favorites!
    And we can follow each other as you suggested, I’m going to do that right now on GFC and Bloglovin! :)

  9. Nicky mywishstyle

    Seems good!

  10. BeBeautiful

    Me encantan los perfumes de la firma ;)

  11. cayli johnson

    Love your blog cutie following you on all you social media sites. Thanks for your sweet comment hope you follow back.

  12. Diva Desle

    The perfume bottle is gorgeous!! Thank you for commenting on my blog;-))

  13. Ileana

    Love how you photographed it! I still have to smell it!

  14. Ksenia

    ooo i love this smell so so muchh!!!

  15. Mira

    The photos are so lovely. I love that perfume too <3


  16. Bárbara Marques

    Such adorable pictures :)
    You got me curious about this fragrance!

    I’m already following you on Bloglovin, it’s your turn now :)

  17. Fer Dallan

    Great review and pictures ♥.♥

    Instagram: ferdallan

  18. Fashionista

    love this perfume!

  19. June L.

    Love this perfume, the bottle is beautiful!

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  20. Andrea Bremner

    I used to live in Nina Ricci perfume, this one sounds gorgeous!

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