Sincerely Jules for Mango issue

Hey Loves!!
How was your weekend?? I came back with fashion news!!! Which blogger is your style icon? This is an easy question for me, I have only one and this is Jules from Sincerely Jules. I love her comfy and californian style and I always find one detail on her outfits that makes her my one and only beloved blogger among the others. It seems that I am not the only one that love her style, that’s why MANGO, chose her to make an interview about her unique style, by wearing a MANGO outfit and answering all things interesting that we do not know about her!!She also gives styling tips to the MANGO lovers and give some tourist  info about ”The city of Angels”. 
Do you like Jule’s Style? Then you should read this:)

Press read more in order to read the full interview***

You can check more about MANGO and Sincerely Jules interview here

14 responses to “Sincerely Jules for Mango issue”

  1. bestrong

    nice post !
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  2. Denisa

    She looks perfect and I like her style. Have a nice day.

  3. Jela Egbe

    very intresting i love that post. :)

  4. Pooja Mittal

    She looks beautiful…
    m on instagram now, lets follow each other there..
    Keep in touch

  5. Jackie Harrison

    She could dress always to impress.

  6. Bárbara Marques

    She has a very interesting style :)

  7. mireia reche ferrer

    nice post!!!

  8. Abigail

    Wow, thanks for sharing!! I am a big fan of her blog too. Love her easy breezy style that’s also got street style chic. Great job on her :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  9. nicoleta buru

    Really great collaboration!!!



  10. Sydney Corporate by LuisaM

    Isn’t Jules fabulous! I love her style <3

  11. Liesa

    Sorry for my late answer! Vacation Time ;).
    You also have a very nice blog – like your content.


  12. elarmariodelanena

    without a doubt, Jules it´s also one of my favourites. I love her style, the simplicity and spontaneity of all of her outfits :)
    thank you for visiting my blog

  13. melissa


  14. Valemood

    I love her :D

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

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