Currently in love: The crazy skort mania !!!

hey heyyyy!! how are you guys?? I recently went shopping and I was so jealous about that ZARA skorts but I decided not to take them!! Initially what is a skort? It  is simple: skirt+short= skort!! simple mathematics!! hehe For the time being skorts are so in fashion and every blogger has at least one or at least one color in her closet! I like them, I really do!! I decided though, not to purchase them, because they have been worn for such a long time, so I bought something similar but unique to my ming, two skirts that they have on the one hand that assymetric design but on the other hand they are from different patterns and kinda different trimmings, but I can’t tell you more, you gonna see them on my next outfits!!So I thought, that it would be good idea if I could give you some inspiration of how-to wear that amazing skorts and offer you ideas from outfits that I really love and found on other fashion blogs!!!

which one is your favorite & what is your opinion about skorts?

20 responses to “Currently in love: The crazy skort mania !!!”

  1. Cê Lourenço

    Nice selection ! Very inspiring :)

  2. Veronica Vannini

    I like it, great selection!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  3. Admirably Pretty

    I love the blue ones!

    XO Imke

  4. Laura Verzeletti
  5. Jackie Harrison

    I like the shorts I think they cute also like how you could dress them up or down.
    I like all the models my fave the blonde dress in all black its an outfit that fits my style.

  6. Andrea Pauline Panaligan

    I’ve seen this origami skort not only on the blogosphere but on the streets. Very great outfits!

  7. Olga StarDec

    So many options to wear them! Love them, they’re so chic!

  8. Babsi´s Beauty-Gossip

    oh lovely :) xoxo Babsi

  9. chiCATes

    Love this trend!!!!! <3

  10. ?????? ??.

    Παιζει να ειμαι η μονη blogger που δε την εχω πραγματικα!
    Ειμαι σιγουρη οτι οι φουστες που πηρες ειναι πολυ πιο ομορφες και unique!
    Εμενα προσωπικα δε μου αρεσει το συγκεκριμενο κομματι γιατι οπως ειπες παραφορεθηκε
    και μου φαινεται καπως. Εχασε την αξια του για μενα!
    Ανυπομονω να δω την εναλλακτικη λυση που βρηκες :)


  11. Con estilo al cubo

    I really like them but this trend is so tiring…


  12. beauty and the food beast!

    uperoxessss autes oi foustes!!!!!!!
    Den exw dokimasei kamia na dw pws strwnei panw mou vevaia! :D
    me kalson tha einai wraia ton xeimwna kai mpotakia!

  13. Helen Tsokana

    I love skirts!! I have the black one…

  14. Alicia Mackin

    I am not sure about the skort trend. I have never comfortable wearing something that short cuz they are all REALLY short. But with shorts they hug the leg so your um safe. But hee hee with a skort one stiff wind and whooee the world is looking at your knickers! Maybe with tights. I may try them with tights and booties,

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  15. mumandme-trapitos

    We really like the shorts! Kisses.

  16. Norhill

    To be honest: I really love skorts on women!
    Looks really sexy and it fits to several looks :)

  17. PEMBEMAV? ?

    I love skirts!!!
    Türkiye’den selamlar :)

  18. MARNI
  19. caramellitsa

    πολυ μου αρεσει αυτο το στιλ φουστας απλα πρεπει οσες το επιλεγουν τα εχουν καλλιγραμμα ποδια για να φαινεται ωραιο

    join my big giveaway !

    2 winners win 2 clothes of their choice -free shipping

  20. Sonia Llav

    Thanks for your comment in my blog dear! I like very much your blog! Your ideas about how to wear “skorts” are very interesting.


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