Cyprus Diaries Part 1 Paphos & Limassol

Hey hey loves!! I am finally back from my vacation in Cyprus and I have to admit that it was absolutely amazing!! I did not expect to love that place so so much and I miss it already. My boyfriend and I had a really good time in the island and we visited  many places and many different cities. Cyprus is a big island and it includes many big cities, that every one is totally unique and has a different kind of beauty related to the others. We stayed in Paphos for six days and every day we were going to a different beach and some times to a different city. We found very interesting places and we loved the most the city of Nicosia, which is also the capital of Cyprus and a very big city that offers many opportunities and great market. Paphos was also amazing and to my mind, it had the best beaches in the island. It was more touristic though, and although it is an island that the natives are greek, we used to hear only russian, english and chinise there.Almost all the people that were working there were foreigners and we did not see almost anyone greek toutist.hehe we were the unique greek couple in the island:D The last big city was Limassol, that to my mind it was not something so interesting, the harbour was lovely for photos, but all the other city was like quiet and with no beaches closely, became not my best. Last but not least , is Ayia Napa. The best place for young people, clubbing,beach bars and the greatest beach with crystal clear water. Be sure to visit the Nissi Beach if you ever visit the place and you will absolutely have fun. I took many photos for you guys and can’t wait to share your impressions with me!!



So guys this was the first part with the first two cities that I visited, Paphos and Lemessos. In the next post coming Nicosia and Ayia Napa. If you want to check more photos you can follow me on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

Stay Tuned…

15 responses to “Cyprus Diaries Part 1 Paphos & Limassol”

  1. Jackie Harrison

    Welcome back beautiful pictures glad you had a blast doll.

  2. Milana ?enadija

    Great post :) I’m glad you had such a good time :) Thank you for sharing with us :***

  3. Gabriella Bolchenky

    Great photos!

  4. Jodie Marie

    These pictures are lovely !! Looks like you really had a great time :) You make me want a holiday ha x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  5. Bianca

    the place looks fantastic! xoxo

  6. Helen Tsokana

    Welcome back!! Lovely pictures!!

  7. Kate Letivaki

    Ωραιες φωτογραφιες, πρεπει να ειναι πολυ ομορφη η Κυπρος δεν εχω παει ποτε αλλα πολυ θα ηθελα!

  8. Miss Twiggy

    Great time I see… and great outfits…

    Check out Little Miss Twiggy and follow if you like it :)

  9. Svetlana

    great pictures :)

    svetlana from Lavender Star

  10. Sabrina T.

    great shots! lovely place in which spend summer holidays:)

    new outfit on:
    Patchwork à Porter
    Facebook Page

  11. Bel

    Lovely photos! Looks like a great place :) Sounds like you had a great time!

  12. Peli tselempi

    super fotos!!!beautiful!

  13. evaenninabeauty

    Lovely pictures! We really like your blog
    XOXO Eva & Nina

  14. Michèle Kruesi
  15. Denisa

    Very nice pics. I like Cyprus.

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