F.A.Q Let’s know Fashionrailways.com better!

Hey loves!!!
I  gathered for you some questions that you made for me and my blog that many of you asked me on Facebook and Twitter  and I give you all the answers:D
If you want to know more things about me, my blog, my style or anything else  just ask your question under this post and I will make another F.A.Q post as soon as possible:D
Love ya!!

*** About me***

 Q: Is ”Vicky” your full name:

No, my full name is Vasiliki and it is a greek name.

Q:How tall are you? 

I am 5’3” , tiny human being:p

Q: What do you study?

I am student in German Philology since 2009.

Q:How old are you?/ Are you Married..etc? 

I am  22 years old and I am not married (of course!)

Q:Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, I do! I am in relationship for almost 5 years:D

Q:Do you dye your own hair? What color is it? 

I used to be blonde for 7 years. Last year I decided that I want to dye my dark brown to my natural color, so know I do not dye them, this is my natural hair shade

Q:What is a normal day in your life like?

I  used to go all this year at university,  coffee with my friends, lunch at home and some rest, then  some shopping and for a walk or drink with my boyfriend, or a night out with my besties.

Q: Where are you from/where are you located?

I am from a little city in South Greece but I am currently studying and living in Thessaloniki.

Q:Have you ever traveled to other countries before and If yes then where ? :)

Yes, I have been in many European countries, like France, Luxemburg, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Bulgary and I would like most to visit USA.


Q: How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to start?

I am blogging for one year and 3 months but I was seriously got into blogsphere last June! I love fashion, internet and writing articles about beauty and style, so a blog creation was like the best way to introduce my self to other people that dealing with fashion and love exchanging style tips and outfits. 

Q:Do you blog full time?

It was more like a hobby for me, but the last  few months became like a part time job, I can pay some bills from my blog but I can not live from it for sure.

Q: Is your blog a fashion or a style blog?

It is a fashion blog that I decided to include some of my everyday outfits and I saw that people liked them and commented about them more and more so, from now on there is a category only for my outfits, the ”Outfitting” :D

Q: Is your dream job to work in fashion through your blog?

I think that blogging is a good opportunity to become known in the fashion industry and general in fashion people, bloggers and magazines and as I’ve heard from fellow bloggers, a fashion blog is extremely helpful, but who knows! We will see and you will be the first to know ;)

Q: Which social media do your use?? We want to know more about you and your life!

I recently registered on Instagram, you can find me under the name ”fashionrailways” here , on twitter with the name @FRailways here and on Facebook with the name ” Fashion Railways” here

Hope you guys found this F.A.Q post helpful!! 



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