#Top 5 Sunglasses Trends for the Fall/Winter 2014

Hey sweeties! Hope you had an amazing day!! Today I am gonna show you my top 5 sunglasses trends fot the F/W 13/14. This year I found many interesting sunglasses for my new purchases that the most of the them include gold details, weird colors and eccentric designs.  One word, three letters can describe the general trend: LUX.

1. Gold & Luxury like Dolce & Gabanna

Luxury, Gold and engraved  sunglasses are a must for the Fall. Forget your black sunglasses and get into gold! Feel the glam ,check the gold glowing  details and feel rich inside and out!

2. Vintage Feeling like Marc Jacobs

Vintage style accessorizes are just in for a long time.  Marc Jacobs though, makes the difference and suggests  Vintage but fashionable, trendy but oversized amd acetate shades in gutsy colors. Memories of the 70s coming up to make things up!. 

 3. Sexy like Versace

Versace and Punk come together and look awsome!! Sexiness and rock attitude, extravagant and sexy color combinations of the  punk atmosphere and modern style. How weird is that punk is so sexy?? Only the amazing Versace could succeed that!! Wild girls come into the limelight!!

4. Mirrored &Elegant like Chanel

Elegance. black colors and Asian style coming up on Chanel. Strings of pearls are the biggest hit. Maybe the collection of  Chanel Eyewear Cruise 2013-2014 includes only four pieces, but they are totally match either with your LBD or your boyfriend jeans for your everyday eraands. Wear your gold mirrored sunglasses and create your best outfits!

5. Cat-eye shaped & Mysterious like Tom Ford

 Sophisticated and Narrow cat-eye sunglasses of a saturated navy-blue color are the suggestion of Tom Ford for the Fall.
Narrow lenses, sleek metal temples and the fitting of them on your face, makes it look confident, strong and sexy and  provokes mystery and glam. 

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Check out  my favorite sunglasses that they are match to the F/W 2014 prices and I found on 
http://www.smartbuyglasses.co.uk/3D-Try-On/  Share your opinions with me! Which one do you like the most?

1.Gold & Luxury

2.Vintage Feeling
3. Sexy

 4. Mirrored &Elegant
5.  Cat-eye shaped & Mysterious

24 responses to “#Top 5 Sunglasses Trends for the Fall/Winter 2014”

  1. Sorana Nistor

    love the vintage ones!

  2. ????? ?????

    A very useful selection!

  3. Jenny Tsang

    Great post, love the first pair ;))

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    http://www.Tsangtastic.com | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  4. Marlen York

    great post!!!love all of them,especially the vintage ones!!!:))
    xxx Marlen


  5. Ashley

    Love the sexy ones!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. Shannon Boyce

    I adore these bold sunglasses!

  7. Moonstyle

    I like Tom Ford and Jacobs!

  8. Froso M.

    Μy favorite kind of accessory!
    Followed back, your blog is great!

    Style Nirvana

  9. Chrissabella

    Love those sunglasses, especially the bold ones!

    Check out my post I’m wearing the Miu Miu cat-eye glitter ones ;)

    Chris x


  10. x Judit

    I like the gold & luxury and sexy sunglasses!

  11. María Lts

    I really love number 4! Great post! All of them are great!! I follow you! I’m waiting for your follow back! xoxo


  12. Korallia Teneketzi

    Love them all!

  13. Korallia Teneketzi

    Love them all!

  14. josi

    The second one is pretty cool, but I think that most people can not wear them ’cause they don’t match their styles. But you really wrote a cool post, I like your blog!
    love, http://apricotspie.com

  15. Hannah
  16. Kiki Simone

    love these different sunglasses. great picks. thanks so much for commenting and following my blog. added you back on GFC, fb, and bloglovin.

    Kiki Simone

  17. Le monde des petites

    Nice selection! Thanks!!!

    Thanks for your visit on Le monde des petites blog.
    We can follow each other if your want!!!

    Let me know!!!

    Le monde des petites

  18. MaRy Michaela

    I am a totally sunglasses addict!!! I love them evry year long…even in winter!!!
    Nice choices

  19. chiCATes

    Αγαπάμε τα mirrored και τα Vintage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

    Great post sweety <3

  20. Peter mark

    The above pair of sunglasses are looking very nice and attractive. In fact, these sunglasses remind my past. In past, these type of sunglasses are very famous in women because these pair’s are perfect choice to buy designer sunglasses for Women in UK. Women loves these glasses because they increase their style statement and make them attractive. Very nice choice and collection for women sunglasses.

  21. Beatriz Pierre

    ιδιαιτερα σχεδια

  22. anastasia

    Υπεροχα σχεδια ειδικα το sexy

  23. anastasia

    Υπεροχα σχεδια ειδικα το sexy….φιλιααααα

  24. Elli Petsanidou

    Love all of them!

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