I don’t know how difficult was for you to have really good people around you but for me it was difficult since high school. I used to have always a best friend and I was concentrated to her and I didn’t think that I should have many people around me, because I was full of love from my besties. And the truth is that we had really good time then. We were going out every day, we were going at school together, we were sleeping to each other places and we were exchanging all our secrets and boyfriend issues.
The time changes though, and people have different interests. So, the two of my best friends disappointed me for good and like that I lost the people that knew me the best. The one of them wanted always more that I could offer, and she wanted to be always the best, the preetiest, the most successful. And all this was fulling me with sadness and it was reducing my self-esteem. So I decided not to hang out with her in order to feel happy. The other one was always like, why do you go out with your boyfriend and not with me, and why don’t you call me many times a day, why do you have a boyfriend,why, why, why. Of course she met a new boyfriend some months later too, and from the day she met him, she never went out with me. Girls Issues.
And then came university. Student life is good, you have to have though good friends around you in order to be more fun too. I met many many new people. Many people that were good when you first met them, but the in long run showed their true self. Many of them got angry with me and other friends of ours without reason, other stop caring about you because they care more for their selves and that goes on. For the first three years I used to have people around me that they were not considered for me as true friends, but as people that I could attend the classes together, going out for a drink or a coffee and share our news. I think that from the fifty persons that I met, only 2 of them I am actually happy I met them and they are boys.
I was very disappinted from my friends and for my life, because I wasn’t that lucky in the friends issue. This year though, I can consider my self lucky enough, because at the last year at university I met few people that I really feel comfortable with and lucky that I met them. 5 girls, one clique. One to one are very special and they have their own personalities. Of course we don’t have all the same relationship, I have actually two of them deep in my heart  that I really love and feel them as we have been knowing each other for a long long time. I built friendships this year that are enough for the whole university life and I believe that they keep gping for the rest of our lives.
So, I believe that the woman friendship is a difficult thing and includes jealous, mean and all that bad feelings. If you haven’t met your friend soul mate yet, no worries. If you are a good person, with good feelings about other people, then you will meet them one day, since then, you have me!

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    wow…super cool pic ^^
    happy monday

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    nice pic!!

  3. Pooja Mittal

    Nice pic.. Its so difficult when your beat friend disappoints you..
    Keep in touch,

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    great look girls!:)


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    Wow pretty girls being good party!

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    i think you have amazing friends!

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    Nice pic. Great day.

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    Hello dear! I am your new follower) Hope you follow me back, it would be great!)

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  10. Konstantina Vasilaki

    Great blog post honey. Couldn’t agree woth you more, about friendships. Personally, I find myself more attached to guys than girls, I really don’t know why! Maybe it’s less drama?

  11. Inna

    Good post

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