My Insta Week

1. Saturday night Make Up
2.Louis Vuitton Fave Bag
3. New Coolway shoes
4.New Outfit on
5. DOCA wallet 
6. Yummy food in Kitchen Bar
7. Minions game on tablet
8.Anniversary goodies from my lovely boyfriend

18 responses to “My Insta Week”

  1. Pooja Mittal

    Loved your saturday night makeup,loved your wallet..
    Happy anniversary :)
    Keep in touch,

  2. Milica Petrovi?

    So cuteeee! I love Instagram posts! I did it before but I completely neglected it! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I glad you like it! :) :* I’m following you dear, thank you for following me! :) xoxo

  3. Darcy

    Such fun pictures!! Loving that wallet.. hope you guys had a good anniversary!

  4. Helen Tsokana

    Lovely photos! I love your Louis Vuitton!

  5. Rosh S

    Love the minions pic and the Doca wallet :)

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I have already added you to G+ circles!

  6. One Stiletto At A Time
  7. Su nd Chris

    Thanks for your nice comment!
    Such a great post, love the pics :)
    I´m following you now, too on blogovin :)

    xx Su

  8. justsem

    Great photos!! I’m following you as well! :)

  9. Jess

    Cool pictures!!


  10. Lamey X
  11. Jackie

    I love posts like this one! Instagram mash ups are always the best.

    Those sneakers are SO awesome! I’ve never seen anything with such a chunky heel like that before. I’m swooning over the studs, too!

    I hope you’ll check out my blog. Maybe we can follow each other? Let me know!
    xoxo Jackie

  12. Valentina Coco

    Beautiful pics!!!i’m following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
    bloglovin follower

  13. Claire Burgess

    Lovely post! Loving the Louis Vuitton!

    I am now following you on GFC, Instagram and Google+ and would love for you to follow me back!!

  14. Carol

    Nice pics!!!

  15. shine star
  16. Mafalda

    Great pics, love your looks!
    Mafalda ❤

  17. Cosmopolite

    Hello Vicky,
    You have an incredible fashion statement.
    We are looking for a few fashion lovers/bloggers who are willing to write for Silky – fashion and lifestyle magazine. In exchange we are offering you to leave a link to your blog and affiliate link on the bottom of your articles. We think it’s a fair deal. If you are interested, see exactly what we are looking for on (bottom of frontpage).

  18. Esperanza

    Hola Vicky, gracias por pasarte por mi blog. Ya soy tu seguidora 1.596 !!!!!
    Me encanta lo variado de tu blog, por aquí me tendrás a menudo !!!

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