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87 responses to “Win 50$ Gift Card at Motel Rocks”

  1. Vânia Vieira

    GFC: Vânia Vieira,
    FACEBOOK Vânia Madureira,
    TWITTER and INTSTAGRAM name: vaniavieira1988

    I love your inspiration posts, maybe you can post some simple hair styles for “back to school” season!

  2. Elli M

    Gfc Elli M
    Facebook Elli Ellaki
    Instagram ellimn
    I would love to see some fall outfit ideas :-)

  3. Nerea González

    GFC: Nerea González
    ,FACEBOOK: Nerea González Cortina
    ,TWITTER: @NereaGonzC
    no instagram

    I like outfits

  4. Admirably Pretty

    I’m in for sure! You can find all my info in the Rafflecopter widget my dear! My e-mailadress is :)

    XO Imke

  5. JessyPooh87

    GFC:Jessica Hamilton
    FB: Jessica Elizabeth Hamilton
    IG: JessyPooh87
    I would like to see more nail related stuff.

  6. Mahdi Martin

    GFC:Mahdi Martin
    FACEBOOK: Mahdi Martin
    TWITTER: @tanoshineko
    Don’t have instagram.

    Here’s an idea A post on looking fabulous in under 15 minutes?

  7. samantha.tedesco

    GFC: samantha.tedesco
    FACEBOOK: Samantha Tedesco
    TWITTER,INTSTAGRAM: @samanthatedesco

    I’d love to see more outfits :)

  8. tereza k

    gfc: tereza k
    fb: feline tezz
    twitter: tezoulini
    great work,keep on like this!

  9. trillina palemi

    GFC, trillina palemi
    FACEBOOK,trillina palemi
    TWITTER,trillina palemi
    INTSTAGRAM i dont have it
    name emilia
    i would like to see more outfits

  10. Morfopoulou Maria

    GFC – FB: Morfopoulou Maria
    twitter: @mariamor81
    Instagram: morfmorf81
    Αυτή την εποχή η επιδερμίδα μου είναι πάντα χάλια, οπότε θα μου άρεσαν κάποιες συμβουλές “επαναφοράς”…

  11. ????? ?????????

    GFC:Μαρια Βασιλειου
    FB name:Maria Vasiliou
    I love tips for hair!!!

  12. ? vendy ?

    great opportunity
    happy day

  13. lie-ying

    GFC: lie-ying
    Twitter: @LYGx_
    love to see asian product reviews!

  14. Alice evans

    GFC: Alice Evans
    INSTAGRAM: alice_808

    Fab giveaway! + I would love to see `couldn’t live without` products or clothes :) x

  15. Maria Apl

    gfc: Maria Apl
    Twitter: Aresmar

    I like everything that has to do with fashion because i love your style :)

  16. marina gm

    gfc marina gm
    fb Marina Gm
    twitter @marinagm1
    i wouild like to see autumn outfits!

  17. Lefko

    GFC: Lefko
    FACEBOOK: Lena Zafiri
    TWITTER: @lefkoza
    no instagram

  18. MatGR1990

    Lina Ricci
    no insta

  19. Lolli

    GFC: Lolli
    FB: Σοφία Βκ.

  20. ???????? ?????????

    fb name:Xristina Xarmpatsi
    gfc:Χριστίνα Χαρμπάτση

  21. mdrouga

    gfc: mdrouga
    fb: marwdrouga (Μαρία Δρούγκα)
    twitter: @mdrouga
    I would like to see physical ways creating our own cosmetics!!!

  22. diarymaria

    FB: Basiliki Queen
    GFC: Drama Queen

    I would like outfit posts!

  23. livingbelowtheclouds

    GFC: livingbelowtheclouds
    FACEBOOK: Living Belowtheclouds
    Twitter: @JoanaPatrcia2
    Instagram: @joanapatriciab

    I’d like to see something like 5 ways to wear the same piece of clothing and making it look different

  24. zeppelin may viray

    Zeppelin May Viray
    fb: ZepMay Benitez Viray
    twitter: @zepmay
    instagram: zeppelin0505
    no gfc

    i would like to see more make up revies :)


  25. Sla?ana Sušilovi?

    GFC: sladana.susilovic
    FACEBOOK: Slađana Sušilović
    TWITTER: @ssusilovic
    no instagram
    I’d love to see more outfits.

  26. Kathleen Novak

    GFC: Kathleen Novak
    FACEBOOK: KIt Novak
    TWITTER: @Kit_Novak
    INTSTAGRAM: @kit_novak

    I honestly love everything that you feature on Fashion Railways!

  27. zeppelin may viray

    zeppelin may viray
    twitter: @zepmay
    facebook: zepmay benitez viray

  28. Anonymous

    GFC normally Julie, but it can be Julie DS i actually don’t know how to check it :(
    i dont have instagram
    my fb name is thomas foorens
    my e-mail is
    i would really likr to see some more outfits of you, the few i’ve seen are always very classy and i like to see more of that! :D
    kisses xoxo

  29. Marija Nagulic

    GFC: Marija Nagulic
    FACEBOOK: Marija Pera Nagulic
    TWITTER: @maki4toma
    INTSTAGRAM: maki4tomaa
    I like to see video post.

  30. Yuen Lim

    GFC: Yuen Lim
    Twitter: @yueykabuey
    Instagram: N/A
    Facebook: Yuen Lim

    I would love to see more OOTD and tutorials!

  31. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Gfc: Bianca Rogoveanu
    Twitter: @BiancaRogoveanu
    Instagram: biancarogoveanu
    Facebook: Bianca Rogoveanu

    More makeup reviews, please!

  32. Debora and Sara

    Great giveaway!
    Debora Ferri
    Twitter: @debbi_f
    GFC: debby_f
    Instagram: @debbiferri
    On your blog I like to see some make up! :)

  33. john lolos

    gfc john lolos
    fb Johnny Kloth
    twitter jkloth

  34. swaggy maggy

    nisha m
    fb-glam gal
    gfc-swaggy maggy
    id love to see autum fall makeup

  35. Ria Alemina Ginting Manik

    GFC : Ria Alemina Ginting Manik
    FACEBOOK : Ria Alemina
    TWITTER : @ria_alemina
    INTSTAGRAM : ria_alemina
    I’d like to see fashion tips and make-up tips on your page, please.
    Thank you! =)

  36. Kellyta

    GFC: Kellyta
    FACEBOOK: Raquel Estañ
    TWITTER: @Raquel_Kelly
    INTSTAGRAM: @raquelpablo13
    I would like to see more nail art tutorials on your blog =)


  37. Panagiota Goutzourela

    GFC: Panagiota Goutzourela
    FACEBOOK Panagiota Goutzourela
    TWITTER @panagiotagoutzourela
    I don’t have Instagram…

  38. Nansy

    I like outfits
    FACEBOOK: Nansy Theofilopoyloy

  39. Cinnamon Flavoured Void

    GFC/Facebook/Bloglovin/Real name: Katerina Karagoceva
    Insta: purpleagony
    Twitter: shoebitno

    I personally like to see more trend report posts, since those kinds of posts inspire me both to blog and to renew my wardrobe :) Thanks!

  40. Cinnamon Flavoured Void

    Sorry, I forgot my email –

  41. Sonia De Macedo

    Love this!

    Sonia De Macedo


  42. deeceegee

    FACEBOOK- desaria gee
    TWITTER- @dezcordova
    iNsTAGRAM – deecg
    name: desaria
    bloglovin: desaria
    name: desaria

    I would love to see more makeup reviews

  43. ana-maria ignat

    gfc: ana-maria ignat
    fb: ana-maria ignat
    twitter: @ancuttzza_m
    no instagram

  44. MoranSha

    GFC – Moran Shaham
    FACEBOOK – Moran S L
    TWITTER – @MoranSha
    INTSTAGRAM – mooransha

    outfits for the season change (hot in the morning, cold in the evening)

  45. Lulu

    GFC: Lulu
    Facebook: Olesia Flegka
    Twitter: @LuluFleg
    I love posts about trends or your personal favorites…

  46. Emily Rose

    GFC emilyrose3182
    FACEBOOK emilyrose3183
    TWITTER emilysparrow
    INTSTAGRAM emilysparrow_93

    More special features maybe, like clothes for curvy girls or seasonal colours or something like that.

  47. Antonella Togato

    gfc/fb togato antonella
    twitter @mantide82

  48. Zhuo Jun Lim

    GFC: Zhuo Jun Lim
    Fb: Jun Lim
    Twitter: @LimZhuoJun
    no instagram

    I’d love to see more outfits :)

  49. Jasmine Thomas

    Thank you for the chance!

    GFC Name: Jasmine Thomas

    Facebook Name: Jasmine Thomas

    Twitter Name: @JazzyFashion09

    Instagram Name: eyessounique

  50. Jasmine Thomas

    I’d like to see some clothing and beauty hauls!

  51. Colleen Boudreau

    GFC: Colleen Boudreau
    FACEBOOK: Colleen Boudreau
    TWITTER: @collifornia
    INTSTAGRAM: collifornia

    More giveaways! :) Thank you!

  52. Colleen Boudreau

    GFC: Colleen Boudreau
    FACEBOOK: Colleen Boudreau
    TWITTER: @collifornia
    INSTAGRAM: collifornia

    More giveaways! :) Thank you!

  53. Petra Black

    Petra Mrkoci

    GFC: Petra Black
    Twitter: @petrablack007
    Facebook: Petra Kos (Petra Mrkoci)

    I’d love to see haul posts and some DIY clothes maybe:)

  54. Alice Beerland

    Love your blog!! I love reading product reviews.

    GFC/FACEBOOK: Alice Beerland
    TWITTER/INTSTAGRAM: @alicebeerland
    email: fanouria20(at)hotmail(dot)com

  55. Joana

    GFC: Joana Abreu
    Facebook: Joana Abreu
    Twitter: @A_Joanna_A
    Instagram: wtfisjilca


    I’d like to see hauls!

  56. Denice Nicole Marella

    Facebook: Denice Nicole Marella
    Twitter: @nikki_marella
    Instagram: nikkimarella

  57. Wendy Lange

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC/Google+: Wendy Lange
    FB/Blogvin: Alexia Harvours
    Twitter: @Cinder_Ella_123

    I like online fashion shop reviews and giveaways.

  58. rusty

    GFC: rusty
    Twitter: ohrusty
    IG: ohjudy
    Facebook: Emelina Hagerskans


  59. I am A Love Addict

    GFC: Radnjanska
    Facebook Dosta Radnjanska
    twitter @radnjanska
    instagram @radnjanska

    I love new in posts

  60. lanie pregoner

    GFC: Lanie Pregoner
    FACEBOOK: Lanie Villabona Pregoner
    TWITTER: @laniepregs
    INTSTAGRAM: @laniepregoner

    Hi! Thanks for an awesome giveaway :) Your blog is simply amazing and I’d like to see more outfit post!

    Lanie Pregoner

  61. Voucher UK

    I like this post as well as out-fit

  62. Jenny

    facebook: Jen Starryeyes Ramos

  63. m ray

    GFC: M Ray
    FB: Maricel Raymundo
    Twitter: @msunshine1148
    Instagram: Sapphire218
    I would like to see more giveaways and more shirts,blouse, and bags.

  64. Novem Tadora

    GFC: Novem Tadora
    FB: Novem Tadora
    Twitter: novemazing06
    Instagram: novemazing

    I want to see more Outfit posts :D

  65. Naama A

    great giveaway! I’m im!
    FB/GFC:Naama A, twitter/instagrm: naamaaha
    i love to see outfit posts from online shops.
    nam12 [at]

  66. Swordlily

    thanks :)
    I’d love to see more of new fashion in your blog! :)
    no gfc and instagram
    FB: Karina Vavere
    twitter @swordlily_girl


    Nice prize. Thank you!


  68. la vale

    I’d love to see more of new fashion in your blog! :)
    google friend connect: la vale
    fb: valentina gregori
    twitter @valeegregori

  69. Elena

    GFC: Elena
    twitter @babygirlmv
    fb: Elena Toader
    instagram: @babygirlmvro
    I would love to see more fashion hauls

  70. Sandy Monroe

    I’d like to see more outfit post!
    gfc/fb sandy monroe
    twitter @micia_sandy

  71. Cora

    GFC: Cora
    FB: Cora Gwen
    Twitter: Cora_Gwen
    I like this post as well as out-fit

  72. alyson

    I would love to see some fall outfit ideas :-)
    GFC: alyson
    Facebook: Alyson Climbon

  73. Helena Oops

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    I m entering with pleasure!
    GFC:Helena Oops,
    FACEBOOK:Jens Ken Lundstrom,
    INTSTAGRAM :Haven t any account.
    On Fashion Railways,I d love to see ntural Beauty Tips.
    Have a great sunday!

  74. Z

    GFC: Z
    FB: Fashion obsession
    Twitter: @Gzuzana
    I love all of your posts! ♥

  75. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Aysen Achurra Asuero

    Instagram & twitter username: @nesyaaa08
    I’d love to see more fashion inspiration and outfits :)

  77. Mindy Cole

    GFC: Mindy Cole
    FACEBOOK:Mindy Cole
    TWITTER: mindycole79
    More make-up and outfits

  78. T Iv.

    I would love to see some fall outfits
    GFC: T Iv.
    Facebok: Tina Ivanisevic
    Twitter: @TinaIvanisevic

  79. Nina

    GFC % F/B name: Nina Kampouri
    Twitter: @ninacarducci
    I have no Instagram
    I would like to see more contests!

  80. Jessamer Abing

    GFC Jessa Abing
    FB Jessamer Abing
    Twitter: @jexxaaaaaagg
    IG: @jexxaaaaaag
    Maybe DIy’s

  81. Jessamer Abing

    GFC Jessa Abing
    FB Jessamer Abing
    Twitter: @jexxaaaaaagg
    IG: @jexxaaaaaag
    Maybe DIy’s

  82. Kostas K.

    GFC: Kostas Kampouris
    Facebook: Kostas Kampoyris
    Twitter: @kostaskampo
    No Instagram

  83. swaggy maggy

    gfc-swaggy maggy
    fb-glam gal
    fall trends and looks

  84. Anonymous

    FACEBOOK: Jessie Abing
    TWITTER: @JessieDCa

    DIY things! <3

  85. chinda phraph

    GFC: chinda phraph
    FB: Chinda Phraph
    Twitter: @cphraph
    Instagram: @cphraph
    More OOTD post!

  86. tsn

    GFC: tsn
    FACEBOOK: Nair Sousa Peixinho
    TWITTER: symh21
    INSTAGRAM: nairsp
    outfits and reviews!

  87. efi michailidou

    gfc efi michailidou
    fb efi Michailidou
    twitter efi_mic

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