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 Some words about MASTIC SPA:
”Mastic Spa – the only cosmetic line based on mastic, a timeless and treasured Greek wonder ingredient that for centuries has provided those in the know with astonishing health and beauty benefits – has arrived in the United States with a comprehensive range of effective and unique natural beauty products.
Mastic Spa is a one of a kind company – a product of both tradition and the latest research. The key ingredient to every product made by Mastic Spa is mastic, a legendary substance in Greece, which has been celebrated for centuries.
Mastic Spa products range from the very first product and best seller Masticdent toothpaste to luxurious shampoos, fragrant and colorful bath and body treatments and effective facial skincare. Mastic has been scientifically proven to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In combination with other natural ingredients, mastic oil provides superior cleansing, hydrates skin and hair, slows the effects of aging on the face, aids in the healing of burns and scars, and protects the teeth and gums.
The Dream of Ioannis Sodis realized…
A dream come true for the Sodis family, Mastic Spa has been able to bring from their family to yours a complete line of mastic-based beauty products and cosmetics for women, men and children. Enter the world of Mastic Spa and experience what the Sodis family and the people of Greece have been experiencing for hundreds of years, quality products from nature that aid in your health and well-being. ”
original source: thebestfromgreece.com
I chose this text in order to introduce you the MASTIC SPA because I am really very proud of being  Greek and a greek company created a business based in  products that we produce here, in Greece and they become day by day more popular all over the world. MASTIC is a very important ingrendient that is produced in a local island, Chios and it is famous for its nutritional sunstances in the whole body. Sodis family took this amazing ingedient and created ”MASTIC SPA” that produces creams, hair & face products,bath gels based in mastic and other natural products like olive, wine, herbs,chocolate,vanilla,spring water and diamonss. The company sent me many goodies to present you and I am really thrilled  because I find every single product unique and so effective for my body. The combinations of wine and mastic, mastic &cocoa are gorgeous and all the products smell really nice!
I chose:
Mastacne Hydraderm

24h seboregulating cream
Mixed/oily skin
Mastic & honey*
Ages: 17-37

M.I.K Total emollient

M.I.K (Multi Intimate Kokum)
Total emollient
After shaving & depilation emollient balsam
With Mastic & Kokum butter

 Liposvelte Cream Chocomastic

Liposvelte Cream

Reduces the look of Cellulite
With Mastic, Cocoa & Caffeine

Clinical test: Reduction of cellulite 47%* topical fat up to 3 cm**
 *28-day clinical trial on 30 women. Observed effectiveness in cellulite reduction. **Maximum loss in cm per participant. Mean thigh circumference reduction after use of Liposvelte for 28 days, 0.8cm.

 Mastic & Wine
Normal to Dry Skins
Thanks MASTIC SPA!!!

Will Review them as soon as possible! What is your opinion about Mastic Spa?

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  1. Jackie Harrison

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  3. Petush

    Thanks for introducing the products from us! I’d love to try them out, since I love everything greek, haha!

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    This sounds really interesting, thanks a lot!

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    so fresh

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    Περιμένουμε εντυπώσεις!! :)

  11. Katie

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- you are too sweet!

    I would love to try this range. It sounds really great


  12. borka gamero

    Such a beautiful product assortment!
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  13. Alicia Mackin

    Hmm never heard of them. I will have to check them out.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

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  16. Alessandra Heidelberg

    Great products!!! I would like to try the cocoa butter cream

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