Beauty Tag: My new RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN extensions


As you may have checked on my blog and the photos that I am uploading, I have already long hair and I would say that I do not have a problem with the quantity of them, because they are really much! I always used to have very long hair, I always wanted though, to have extensions in order to have the opportunity to create new hair styles and this especially for my blog. Every time that I make a pony tail or an extreme look, my hair look short and every girls hates that! haha So I decided that I should buy some extensions for a change! After a research I found a very interesting online store, RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN, which sells real human hair extensions. So, I decided to grab the chance and taste their products. I ordered the Clip-on set Original Straight #1 Black 16″ (110g) and that includes 110 grams of hair divided into 7 ready made parts with pre-attached clips. The parts are specially designed to allow variation and are perfectly adapted to your hairdressing.  For the photos above I used only the 4 of them and the result was perfect. If you want to try an extreme and voluminus hair style you can use all of them.
The delivery was very fast and the customer service answered very quickly on my questions. In RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN you can also find
  • Human Hair Extensions
  • Hairpieces Clip-in
  • Haircare & Styling
  • Wigs
  • Accessories for Extensions
  • Accessories & Beauty

Finally, my favorite category is the ”Hair Extension Facts” , where you can get much inspiration about hair styles, there is also a hair guide for some color and hair style ideas, before and after photos, stars that they wear RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN extensions and many many other!!!

Hope you love it as much I do!

11 responses to “Beauty Tag: My new RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN extensions”

  1. Bruna Fernandes

    of course dear :)
    following you via GFC and bloglovin :)
    now it’s your turn :)

  2. Chrissabella

    Those extensions sound amazing and they look great on you!

    Greetings from London,

  3. Pooja Mittal

    Those extensions look so good on you. :)

  4. Jackie Harrison

    Cool extension they look pretty on you.

  5. Delilah D

    wow you look so pretty

  6. Alicia Mackin

    Looks so natural. You look great Ugh I just got my hair cut and hate it! Dutch boy bowl bangs and long hair boarder line mullet but I think I can salvage it.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. Rohini Sood

    I have also just had extensions put into my hair but never heard of these, they look so good and natural on you!

    I would love it if you had 2 spare minutes to vote for me to win the ‘Face of Craze’ blogger competition! Here is the link:

    Thank You xx

  8. Alessandra Heidelberg

    They are so beautiful these extensions!!

  9. Marlena

    great!!! love it! <3
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  10. Rohini Sood

    thanks for commenting! Would love to follow each other , i have followed you on blogger and bloglovin :)


  11. The Kyliebabii

    thx for visiting my blog. i followed u on bloglovin. follow back? :)

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