My InstaWeek

1.My new casual Oufit( you can find it here)
2. Night out in Athens with great view!
3.Strolling in ”The Mall Athens” with my boyfriend!
4.Coffee with friends and boy from the best coffee shop in Athens
5.No Comments! hehe
6. Metro in Athens, just arrived in Monastiraki
7.My ”Blue Stars” outfit ( you can find it here)
8.Selfie, wearing my Rapunzel Extensions( you can find them here)
9. Me with my lovely sister


15 responses to “My InstaWeek”

  1. beauty and the food beast!

    polu wraies photografies vicky mou! :)

  2. Alexandra M.

    Ωωωω γλυκούλικο ^_^ Όμορφες φωτογραφίες!

    Alexandra by

  3. Alicia Mackin

    Oh loving the quilted black bag, nice.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  4. his little lady

    How fun! Love all of these instagram shots :)
    xo TJ

  5. Joanna Ci?szczyk

    Awesome mix photos ;)
    Sure, we can follow each other. I already following you on GFC and I hope you me back as you said ;)


  6. Claire D. T

    Τέλειες φωτογραφίες :) :)

  7. Pooja Mittal

    I like pic 3
    Keep in touch,

  8. Sammie

    i really like the look in the third last photo :)

  9. Diana Ashuayem

    Nice pics.

  10. Nilu Yuleena Thapa

    Lovely pictures girl! Happy Halloween! New post in my blog! I’d love it if you take a look at it :)

    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG

  11. Dressing Up For Me

    Nice pics and love that blue bag! Of course we can follow each other, have just followed you. :)

  12. Alessandra Heidelberg

    nice pictures!!

  13. Samantha Nie

    Love your pictures! I’d love to follow each other! Let me know when you follow, and I’ll follow right back! Let’s follow for Bloglovin’ and GFC?


  14. Peet

    That selfie with those Rapunzel extensions is just beyond gorgeous! You’re such a stunning girl, babe, it’s insane… Hope you’re having a lovely day.;)

  15. Mafalda

    I love the picture where you’re wearing a skirt, you look awesome!
    Mafalda ❤

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