Currently in love with: Pointed Triangle Manicure

9 responses to “Currently in love with: Pointed Triangle Manicure”

  1. Ira Kharchenko

    Amazing nail style! So great:)

  2. Irina G.

    Beautiful manicure!

  3. Sydney Corporate by LuisaM

    I love stiletto nails!! If I could actually type with them I would definitely sport them more often!! :P

  4. Margaret Dallospedale

    Amazing manicure!!!!!
    The Indian Savage Diary

  5. Champagne Star

    These are great, but I’d be afraid I’d poke my eye out (I have a hard enough time not accidentally scratching myself in my face as it is)!

  6. Alessandra Heidelberg

    Beautiful manicure!!

  7. Sofia Gni

    Τέλεια νύχια! <3

  8. Carla Allio

    I also love geometric mani! Very beautful! :)

  9. justsem

    I love your nails!! :)

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