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Sunglasses are that one accessory that is always essential regardless of what women are headed off to do or happen to be wearing. When sporting casual garb, dressed up or even going to the gym in sweat pants, ladies all need great pairs of shades. And since just one pair won’t do, it’s of course imperative to have options that match the look and feel of whatever particular outfit you happen to be donning when stepping out. all have those days when sweat pants are the norm, perhaps when off to the gym or while running errands. While this ultra-casual clothing is essential, it doesn’t assure that the sun won’t be shining. So what sunglasses should you don when in your most casual of casual clothing? For starters, wayfarer shaped shades will tend to look absolutely perfect. Whether opting for a neutral brown, black or white, or a more colorful option, this classic will reflect the casualness of the outfit.
Speaking of casual, sunny vacations or days spent lounging at the pool or beach, never come often enough. When we do find some days to relax by the water, nothing looks better than a stylish pair of aviators. Not only will these be just right choices relaxing in the sun’s rays, they can also easily be donned with your favorite vacation attire, such as simple maxi dresses and sandals. While we tend to think of aviator sunglasses as just-right options during the hottest months of the year, they can also accessorize your winter gear as well. Try them with a leather moto jacket or bomber, your favorite fall boots, skinny jeans and a cute top.
Accessorizing when headed to the office can be difficult. After all, a certain style has to be upheld, and although shades aren’t generally worn inside the office, we still want a cohesive, put-together ensemble to don to or from our vocations. Stay away from overly trendy styles and look for sharp classic options instead. Larger frames can still be worn and so can those sunglasses with a little bit more color. However, those hues should also be classic. Think red instead of neon pink. Attending a wedding or another dressy affair will likely present the same dilemmas. A classic cateye frame is a no-fail option as well. Once again, choose standard styles and shapes that fit the tone of your outfit.
A weekend brunch with friends is the perfect time to break out your most edgy and stylish garb. This is when women can have the most fun with their eyewear options as well. When you yourself are wearing stylish edgy pieces your sunglasses can be equally stylish and trendy. Neon frames, oversized retro options or even those styles with plenty of bling will be perfect for black skinny ankle pants, booties and an embellished tee.
When selecting sunglasses for any occasion, make sure the styles correlate with the tone of your outfit and event you are attending. Ladies will rarely go wrong with classic options and can save trendier shades for their most edgy of-the-moment looks.

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