New IN: ZARA Bucket Bag

17 responses to “New IN: ZARA Bucket Bag”


    good one :)


  2. Gabriele

    oh my gosh, love this bag!! need it in my life! xx

  3. Dania Carbonini

    Really great! I want it!


  4. Rocio Otero

    I just follow you! I’m 1248 on Bloglovin and 1855 on GFC. Follow me too ;)

  5. Benedetta M.

    Gorgeous bag! Followed via GFC! ;D


  6. Natalie Vanheers

    I love this bags, it looks so natural and classy at the same time! I always tend to buy these big bags, get all my things stored! :D
    I just started following! xo

  7. Sophia Molen

    Love the shape of this bag! I would go for a color like black or grey :)

    Tao of Sophia

  8. Brikena

    thank you for the sweet comment! glad to see such a successful blogger from the heart of Thessaloniki :)
    love that bag!

    lets follow each other?
    xo, Brikena

  9. Michèle Kruesi
  10. Chiamaka Abasilim

    Love the shape and color.

  11. Niki T.

    I’ve been actually on the hunt for a new bag and I think I found it right here!! I can’t believe how affordable it is! Thank you!

  12. shine star
  13. awhite

    Love this bag! Such a pretty color.


  14. Chrissabella

    Wow that bag is beautiful … Zara bag’s are just amazing!

    Greetings from London,

  15. Manhattan Image and Style

    SO beautiful!! I love the color! :)

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  16. Dess G

    This bag is super chic, I can’t believe it’s Zara, initially I thought it was Marni! Thank you for sharing, cutie! xxx

  17. Helen Tsokana

    Lovely bag!! Great color and spacious!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog!! I am already following you xxx

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