Vicky Shop’s: Pullover from Handpicklook

1. // 2. // 3.
Handpicklook PULLOVER

4.// 5. // 6

24 responses to “Vicky Shop’s: Pullover from Handpicklook”

  1. Bisma Rauf
  2. Alessandra Heidelberg

    I love them all!!

  3. Aleena

    love it

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  4. sosoka

    So pretty all of them! Can’t pick one!

  5. Sie Cajilig

    ASDFGHJKL I love them all! :D

    But okay, 5 must be my favorite. :)))

  6. ???????? ??????????

    love it!!!

  7. ???????? ??????????

    love them!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. trillina palemi


  9. Inês Pires

    Very pretty, i like all the 6 sweaters. :)

  10. E?? (lieri)

    I want them all!!!hahahahaha!!!!

  11. E?? (lieri)

    I want them all!!!hahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. Bhavani Sekar

    All amazing

  13. Welcome Beauty With Effie

    love theeeeem :) i would prefer the first one :)

  14. Eline

    Absolutely love number 1 and 3!

  15. Pooja Mittal

    Very nice pullover collection
    I am inviting you to enter phone covers giveaway

  16. ravenlocks

    I love the three pastel colored sweaters at the top :) They’re all really cute!

    xo Azu

  17. Giulia

    very very Nice!!!warm and cool!
    kiss giuly

  18. S.

    They all look so cozy!

  19. Tiff

    Super cette sélection!!!! J’adore le gris, et les motifs aztèques aussi!!!! Je suis folle de pulls en ce moment, c’est mon gros craquage solde cette année :s

  20. Dania Carbonini

    Number 4 is my favorite: love daisies!


  21. Aleena
  22. Mari

    wow…i love the first!!

    Buona domenica
    New post

  23. Mari
  24. Esther Santer

    LOVE these sweaters! Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter? If you do, let me know when you’re following and I’ll follow right back! x

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