Fashion News: Wedding Trends for 2014

Hey gals! Many of you asked me to write a post about the wedding dress trends for the Summer 2014. So, in order to show you some of my favorite trends, I found an online store  DressV. that includes all the trends and the fabric styles for 2014 and it has great wedding dresses as well. There is great variety of dresses, like Mermaid wedding dresses, Beach, Color Ball Gown (my favorite), Lace , A  Line and many other wedding dresses. The best part is that the prices are pretty cheap for a wedding dress and you can also find some dresses for your bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and wedding accessories as well. I chose some beautiful bridesmaids dresses in pastel colors that are totally in to show you except from the wedding dresses that I am totally in love with! What is your favorite wedding dress?

Seriously my taste isn’t that same as yours, so perhaps you expirience DressV yourself. You coulf find something completely different to the pieces I have chosen, but gogeous nontheless. Everyone loves shopping right? :D I cannot be alone to this. If you want to check out some cool prom dresses then please follow this link


What is your favorite dress??? Hope you have a great wedding if you get married:)
Till next time…muah:*

6 responses to “Fashion News: Wedding Trends for 2014”

  1. Pooja Mittal

    The dresses are beautiful, perfect for brides to be
    Keep in touch

  2. Pooja Mittal

    The dresses are beautiful, perfect website for brides to be
    Keep in touch

  3. Shannon Boyce

    These dresses are absolutely stunning! Love love love.

  4. Chahrazad

    I love the second weddingdress.


  5. koide 9

    Beautiful dresses <3

  6. Nina

    Love this dresses!

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