My food routine

Hey guys! Hope you are all well!!! Some of you asked me to publish a post that includes greek food and generally yummy food that I love and as I am currently watching my post, I just realised that I ate many sweets the last few days haha. There are some of my favorite foods and flavors and I would like to share with you something. I always try to eat health and be fit. This doesn’t mean that I do not eat cakes or sweets, not often though. I am currently trying to avoid eating much sweets and insted of them to eat healthy food and chocolate only once per 10 days. So, my day begins with my favorite corn flakes, that are from a greek supermarket, they are super healthy and I combine them with 1,5% fat milk! This is perfect for breakfest. I also tryed avocado with grapefruit juice lately and I totally loved it!! When I go out on a restaurant, on the grounds that it is not possible not eating anything, I always order a salad and something healthy, as peppers filled with sea food. For my lunch, I prefer to eat  healthy food, like filled peppers with green salad without bread or pasta with chicken and salad, which is also yummy and healthy. These plates are big though, so I am trying to eat the half of this lunch especially when I am on diet and eat out. Last but not least, when I want something sweet on dinner, I prefer dark chocolate with lila pause ice cream which is totally yummy or chocolate cake. Here is the thing though, one per 10 days, this is my goal !!!! Today I ate fruits with nut, prouf of my self!!! Can’t wait to hear your food routine!!!Till next time…. Muaaahh!!!

8 responses to “My food routine”

  1. Dania Carbonini

    Your food routinevis full of very good thinghs!


  2. Shannon Boyce

    Yum everything looks so good!

  3. ravenlocks

    Those stuffed peppers look delicious! I usually have raw eggs and raw milk for breakfast. It probably doesn’t sound very appetizing to most of the population, but whatever. They’re my favorite foods and are better for you when they’re raw. I’m also obsessed with kale and collard greens. So I have them almost every day. And….I eat a lot of chicken or beef and more veggies :)

    xo Azu

  4. Chahrazad

    The food looks delicious!


  5. Dim Trantali

    Oh dear god!! Spaghetti and ice-cream and.. is that avocado on toast!?!?! great great post!!

  6. Helen Tsokana

    Greek food is the best!! I am having so much right now while on holidays in Greece!!
    Lovely post :)

  7. Ria Alemina Ginting Manik

    I haven’t tried any of Greek foods and seeing your food routine make me hungry! They look delicious. lol

  8. bruna ginammi

    I love greek food)

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