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Hey sugar gals!! Hope you are all doing well!!! I just received a cute package from JUSTINBEAUTY.COM and I am so thrilled! JustInBeauty is a greek online store selling professional make up products and products for your nails and face as well. To my mind the prices are very affordable and you can easily make your order as JustInBeauty ships to more than 30 countries.The most important thing to me is that the cosmetics are not tested on animals and they are only produced in Wilheim, Germany. You can find them also on Facebook here. Can’t wait to review those goodies :) Till next time…. muaaahh:*

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  1. Patras Chicates

    Τέλεια η συσκευασία και πολύ θετικό το γεγονός ότι δεν τεστάρονται στα ζώα.
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  2. Matea B.

    Everything looks amazing, love it! :D


    δεν την ήξερα αυτή την εταιρία, μου έδωσες ιδέα!

  4. Alexandra Aimee

    I love seeing beauty brands we don’t have in the US! This looks wonderful.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  5. Charu Sharma

    You have a wonderful blog!! :)

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  6. Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina

    i always wanted to receive presses like that. It’s never too much of make up!
    Btw thank you for leaving me beautiful comment on my blog xxx You also asked do I wanna follow each other, and the answer is yes:-) Either GFC, bloglovin, google + and FB. Just let me know which platforms you followed me and I will follow you back


  7. elp lp

    Δεν το γνώριζα αυτό το site αλλά τώρα που το έριξα μια ματιά μου άρεσε αρκετά και ακόμη πιο πολύ ότι δεν τεστάρονται στα ζώα !

  8. Zhanna Kessel

    Amazing!)) I’m following you with GFC, hope you’ll do the same <3

  9. Louisa Moje

    Oh my! That lipstick is everything!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Check out MY LOOKBOOK

    Louisa Moje

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