1. Coffee at the new hot spot of the city, London Bar
2. Chocolate with strawberries
3. goodies here
4. Healthy lunch
5. Playing with pastels outfit here
6. Kenzo inspired nails here
7. New goodies from
8. Outfit preview
9. Stripe based outfit here
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8 responses to “InstaMoments”

  1. Shannon Boyce

    Love the pink nails!

  2. Michèle Kruesi

    wonderful photos. love your bags and the pinky nails


    beautiful instapics!


  4. Pooja Mittal

    I love your nail, so long , mine always break
    Keep in touch

  5. Nery Hdez

    Thanks for visit my blog honey! Of course I follow you and invite you to visit my blog! :)
    SNB: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me
    Facebook SNB: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me

  6. ????? ?

    M aresoun poly oi fwto s gt exoun poly omorfa kai anoixiatika xrwmata p einai h adynamia moy!Foveres kai oi goves kai to pastel backpack.flk

  7. Chahrazad
  8. Matea B.

    I love your Instagram photos,they are lovely! ^^

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