Triangl Swimwear

 Hey gals!! New “Currently in Love” post today for you today! You know that I live in Greece and most of you combine Greece with hot weather!! And you are riiight :) hehe Although it is May, we have great weather here and very hot temperature. so you understand that I am already in summer mood!I literally can’t wait for the summer! As I am graduating on July, I have planned vacay with friends and bf and I am always talking about that stuff!! hehe Anywaaayys!! I won’t tell a word today about vacay! (another time maybe hehe:p). So, I was browsing on the internet for a new bikini and I found a new brand called “TRIANGL” and they sell swimwear and underwear!! I have to say that I am thrilled with my new discovery!! :D  The brand comes from Australia but it ships internationally and the swimwear  especially are just gorgeous! I am a big Minimalism fan and those swimsuits are just what I was looking for, minimal – feminine and stylish! They are a bit pricey, but that’s okkkk, you only live once!!!! hehe Hope you love them too…Till next timeee…muuaaahh!

5 responses to “Triangl Swimwear”

  1. Evaggelia Paparoidami

    I loved the leather one!!

  2. Shannon Boyce
  3. Taipei Style

    Cool designs!


  4. Una macedonia di parole
  5. Rachel

    Those are amazing and they are so comfy!

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