I graduated!

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hey sweeties!!

hope you are all doing well!!There are many things going on in my life the last few days and that’s why  I did not update my blog in three days, as I usually do!

Inititally the good news though! I graduated from the German Language and Philology Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki! I am so happy and thrilled about that! It was the best five years of my life! I met so many people and I made good friends! I feel Thessaloniki, as my home town and I will never forget the time that I learned that I am in the German Department and I was searching for my very first own home! It was amazing!

Everybody ask me, “how do you feel now” and all that kind of questions and the first thing that comes in my mind after “happy” (dah!) , is relief, relief, relief! I will not have anxiety about the lectures and the assignments, so happy about that! This is the longest summer for me after the one in 2009! hehe

The thing is though, that I was waiting all  summer for this week, as my boyfriend graduated too and I was aiming to be all day and night out, meeting my friends and have some fun, but many things happend.

My father had a health issue (not very significant, fortunately!) and he did not make it to come to my graduation ceremony! I felt so bad, I remember myself crying before getting in the buliding, not only because he wasn’t able to come to my graduation, but also because he was in hospital and I was supposed to be happy! I felt my whole body swollen. My face was like, so different. This is something that I am feeling every time when I feel anxiety or deep sadness. Have you felt something similar?

It was so weird, but my entire body was different!

Fortunately, my best friends came to my graduation ceremony and that was so revieling! I was so happy that I had them there, as my entire family did not make it. We had a coffee after the ceremony and then we visited my father at the hospital with my friends. It was a weird day, but I came to understand that I am surrounded from very good people that love me as much I do! Thank you guys so much for everything! I couldn’t even smile without you!

My daddy is better now and  he will be soon out of hospital! Can’t wait!

and some news…. From September I will be attending the Msc in International Marketing and Communications in Athens University of Business and I can not wait! I tried very hard about that and I feel proud that after my dissertation, the seminars, the english lessons and the work, I got in!

Good Luck to the rest of your lives if you’ve just graduated and hope you the best!
Love you and Thank you1

’til next time..


btw. sorry for the bad quality of the pictures! they are taken from cell phone. I didn not take any pictures with my camera fue to the reasons, that I said before.

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  1. Priscilla

    Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Congrats! Amazing pictures! You have a great blog! Keep in touch! :)

  2. Makayla

    Thats so awesome! Congratulations! The hard work pays off! :)

  3. elmundooo

    Congratulation !!! <3 Like your orange Dress :D


  4. soniya


  5. Giorgio

    Huge congrats on your great achievement. Your family can be very proud of you.
    Good luck on your plan about the International Marketing and Communications course which you’re going to attend in Athens.

    I will be following your blog … Keep in touch! :)


  6. Sharrel

    Congratulations! You look stunning btw!


  7. Chahrazad
  8. chistanote

    Big congracts, i am so happy to see a person who is satisfied by her/ his field. It is the time to look for new journies and getting into the professional world. I hope ur father gets better soon. Enjoy the time. In additon, ur orange dress is so stunning.
    Check out my beauty fashion blog as: http://www.tobelikealady.com

  9. janice
  10. 365hangers

    Wow, congratulations!! Love your orange dress, way to cute and so perfect to stand out in the crowd :)

    xx 365hangers

  11. Panagiota Goutzourela


  12. Natka

    Congratulations!! :* Were I can find buton join this site ? :):)


  13. Maddie

    oh congrats !


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