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heyyyy lovely bugs!!!

hope you are all doing well!! I am so goooood!! I am now living in Athens and it is really really nice here! The people the atmosphere the university, everything is going so well!!My new home is almost ready here and I love it!

I also have now internet connection and I will post every 3 days as I used to! ! yaaayy!!!

As I am now an official Athens citizen, I found some really cool street style pics and I would like to show you my favorite outfits!

I will be back very soon!!



9 responses to “ATHENS STREET STYLE”

  1. Cheyenne

    This is some pretty cool street style, specially love the fist pic.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Kudzai

    Love these street style photos especially the 3rd one!! <3 xoxo

  3. 365hangers

    Love all of these looks. Leandra is always perfect! xx

  4. Chahrazad

    Great streetstyle!


  5. Vikee
  6. Manases Andrea

    I can not say that I would were each of them, but they really look good!

  7. soniya

    gr8 post
    inspirational one
    hope you are having good time there

  8. Caroline

    Great post ! Thanks for your last comment on my blog. Hope to see you soon !
    Caroline xx

  9. The Queen of Dreaming

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