3 responses to “MYKONOS #summer_in_Greece”

  1. phdfashionista

    hope you have a wonderful time in mykonos girl! I am from cyprus and i am going there for vacation to visit my family in a week, which i am excited about. but cyprus is also under some trouble with the dissolution of the cyprus airways ! I am flying from barcelona to athens and athens to cyprus! I wish i was able to stay in greece longer, i have always wanted to go and this is my first time (even though its all in the airport! )
    i hope greece can come out of this problem with a good resolution! have an amazing time in mykonos, i have always wanted to go ! xo

  2. celyn

    beautiful photos! would love to go back to Mykonos one day!


  3. The Queen of Dreaming

    Greece is really amazing!


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