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Hey hey loves!

Hope you are all doing well! I know, I have to upload a new post for like three weeks but I am now back in Greece and I had to much to handle until today. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you have seen that I was in Germany for a learning agreement and I had so much work to do now that I came back in Greece as I am trying to finish my thesis.

My master desgree is officially over in the middle of January and I am thrilled about that, as it was a dream come true to study Marketing and be able to find a related job, so I feel proud of myself that I got in and after one and a half year I am hopefully getting the degree! yayyyy!! :))

I am now looking my photos from Germany and I found this one, which is one of my favorites, as I am wearing here my favorite clothes and you know how women are, we have so many clothes and we are always wearing our favorite, right? haha

Many of you have asked my about where my clothes in this pic are from and I found many similars to help you create an outfit like this one. You can find a similar coat here , my favorite ripped jeans here, my bag is Marc Jacobs and the belt MCM vintage.

I am back tomorrow with a new beauty post ;))))

’til tomorrow..

Vicky :*

3 responses to “Hola”

  1. lanyding
  2. Nissi Mendes

    Nice denim look! .-)

    ? Nissi
    Instagram // Bloglovin

  3. Len Parent

    Amazing look babe!!! Love it! Happy weekend!
    much love, Len

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