Life Update + New ideas


Hey babies!

It feels like it has been forever. I am writing this post from my cute balcony, maybe it is the first day that I am staying at home for a long time. I had my friends here and then family, and then my bf so I was out and about and I was trying at the same time to prepare my new house in Athens, which as soon as it is ready I will definetely let you know :)

Hmm where to begin, firstly it is already 3 months or more that I have moved in Athens and it feels already like home. You know I’ve been scared about this quick decision, but I have really good friends here that have helped me adapt to the new environment really quickly, this house is like my favorite one from all the other houses that I have lived in, it is really cozy, and cute and I am so impressed that I have decorated bymyself. :) and of course I have my family and bf supporting me in every decision. Wow! I just looove them!

I really miss them though but I am trying to like make it work and see what are the possibilities and how I can visit them, or them visit me more regulary. “( annnd about work!! I loooove it! I really like my job, I feel like this is where I meant to be. I am really happy for my job and the nice environment there!

Free time? Not that much. That’s why I have not been around for some weeks, cause there are so much going on, BUT I have an idea.. And this idea maybe will be the best idea I have ever had or the worst ever!

Stay tuned and I hope I will have soooon news for you!

’til next time..muahh

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